Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Good, The Bad, & the.....Well he was already Ugly 2 Weeks Ago!

Ok, so this week we got some good news and some bad news.

Ok.......... good news first, because that one is more important!

We helped 3 people get baptized this week!  Woop Woop! Miss Ebbie was one of the people that I was sent here to work with.  She had a baptism date all set and her husband is already a member.  We showed up and she pulled out her little list of concerns.  Meanwhile Elder Azalwa reaches for his scriptures and I just, well I didn't do anything.  I just talked to her.  I asked her a few questions about what was wrong and what I could do to help her, and when we left she said she was ready to be baptized.   Elder Azalwa was CONMAZED (confused/amazed). I just thought that she was a golden investigator, but Elder Azalwa  told me that she had a lot of concerns, and that she had been really resistant.  He just felt like he was kicking against the bricks. He had shown her all the scriptures, done all the lessons, and she just was not feeling it.  So Sweet! Baptized, and confirmed, and now she is super happy!!

The other 2 were just the guys who are freaking awesome.  We love all of them.  Our district freaking rocked this month! There are only 2 companionships and we helped a total of 13 people to enter into baptism this month.  Our ward received 9 new members into it yesterday.  I don't know what is going on, but missionary work is sweet!

Ok, so now for the bad news.  Let's start with saying mom I'm sorry.....

Ok so then we got robbed this week.  We don't know how.  This apartment was broken into last month before my transfer.  But the lock was changed, and we have been really careful.  It honestly wasn't our fault.  We believe that it was a ward missionary or the landlord/someone who works for him.  We have a back door, but only the landlord has keys to that one.  3 out of 4 locks were undone when we realized what had happened.  The robber took my camera and my money.  I don't know how he got the perfect timing, because I always carry that stuff with me for this reason.  But it rained the day before, so my stuff was wet and I had left it to dry.  I only have my emergency money, which I hid in a pill jar, and some that I had in my name tag.

President says he will get us some money though, but I don't know what to say about my camera. We are praying and fasting.  I'm not too worried about the money and stuff because I'll be fine, but mom I'm so sorry.  Letting you know this happened is the hardest part.  The person who stole the stuff knew us because he knew to get into my luggage and where I stashed the key.  He went through my wallet too, but that was empty.  He got my companion's camera and money also.  I just don't know what to do, I'm sorry.

Buying things here is a lot like we heard it would be like in Jamaica when we went.  That's kind of how it is here, if you don't know what you are doing.  I like to entertain the really stupid ones, and let them know they suck at selling. :) Can you believe some bum tried to sell me an Iphone for 1000ghc.?? Psh, yeah right!!

This is my week,
Elder Legg

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