Saturday, April 26, 2014

Being So Attractive Can be a Curse Too!

The kid who stole from us is getting off.   We got a note from him in Pigeon, so it was hard to understand, but he couldn't get us hardly any of our stuff back.
Yeah ok are you sure you want to know how we rocks that whole Easter vibe here in Ghana? Well first off you wake up and act like nothing special is happening.  If you're a missionary you go out and proselyte. If your Ghanaian you take a nap or watch some tv.   Then you just sort of do exactly everything the same, like it's a regular day.  Then you finish the day by going to sleep.

If you want to be extra crazy with it then maybe you go to church and pretend to talk about the Savior's resurrection for like 2 seconds then you just talk about whatever.  Even today is way cool because, of course, it's Easter Monday. I asked why Monday was a holiday, and I was told that since Friday is a holiday that automatically means Monday has to be also........ yeah I don't get it!
Elder Crotz and I are going to braai tonight.  It's kind of like what they do instead of bbq.  It's almost like cooking over a campfire too, so we will see how this works. We have some chicken marinating right now!
Gracie:  Sounds like you had a sweet Easter.  I'll be telling your joke here this week.
Tali: I wish we could have a good Easter egg hunt here! We can hard boil some eggs, but I if we hid an egg anywhere the mice would be on it in like 2 seconds! And we really don't want more mice in here!
Tay: Dude stake dance it up! I'm telling you bro especially right now they are so much fun! You have got to dance with a bunch a babes, but don't forget to dance with at least one wall flower each time! If you aren't aware, then a wall flower is a girl who is quite possibly unattractive, most likely doesn't have a lot of friends, and it's cute guys like you, whose job it is to make them feel good! You don't need to flirt or do any of that nonsense, but you need to be nice and ask her to dance!
Ty: I did not realize that it was time for prom!!!!!! Goodness I'm so glad you chose to go! Prom is sweet! Tell me all about how it goes! Whose group are you in and what are you doing?!  I like the way you asked!
Dad: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goodness dad you are getting ancient! How does it feel? Keep it up daddy!
So this week! Ok, so first let's get conceited!
How long has it been since you guys heard how attractive I am?  I completely am just captivating alright! Elder Azalwa and I were standing at a corner just trying to figure out what to do when a Taxi turns past us. The driver couldn't turn away, and before we knew it, he had driven off the edge of the road and his car wouldn't work anymore!  We had to help him push his car off and a couple other guys had to help to.  Oh gosh it was so funny and we were just dying!
But you know, being so attractive can be a curse too!
My recent convert's sister is not so appetizing for the eyes, if you know what I'm sayin.  And she is completely crazy! She is all mood swingy, and freaks out a lot, and its scary, but she is also in love with me!
She fed me by hand the other night, then asked her sister and my companion to leave so we could participate in physical intimacies. uggghhhhhh I hate this girl! If we can just stay away from her house while she is home then things should be ok. She has asked me to marry her.  And she keeps trying to kiss me. And it's kind of hard to get away when you're teaching her sister, and literally their whole house consists of one room the size our kitchen! agh!
The weather is all over the place.  I almost baked to death yesterday.   Then we had a huge rainstorm that kept cutting our power because the lightening was so close to our house!  So yea, that's the weather we are working with right now.
Yep so that's the fun so far, we will see how things work this week!


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