Thursday, April 10, 2014

Green Eggs, But No Ham, Trav I Am

I love Elder Azalwa!  I can see specific things that I am gaining from my companions.  
ELder Kanu gave me struggle, so that I could learn that Unity in a companionship is hard, but important!   Elder Allen taught me the importance of numbers, and how to work timely instead of just harder.  
Elder Azalwa is giving me some confidence and helping me realize that I am making a difference!
When Elder Bednar came here a while ago, (in Jan.) he taught us how the Lord works 1 by 1.  How you don't need to look for plenty, when you need only to find the one that will make a difference.

I didn't even know that it was time for General Conference! It's almost like nothing here!  It's so frustrating!

Ok, so for this week I don't really know what to say.
Let's start this off with the nasty whatever thing in my armpit!  Psh, I don't know what it is. But there are some red bumps.  And I've had a little bit of green pus oozage, and it hurts sooo bad!  As I'm sure you can assume, when I found the nastiness I started overdosing on all kinds of anything that might make it better! I keep rubbing a bunch of Neosporin and other stuffs in there! Yeah, so I think it has started to go away, but we will see what the coming weeks hold!

Staying on the note of green stuff, I think there is something wrong with my eggs!  It kind of looks like we dropped some green dish soap in there.  Normally you have your egg yolks, and your egg whites.  Me, I have my egg yolks and my egg greens!  Elder Chatterly borrowed a few eggs, and just got sick looking at them!   So far,  at least, I haven't gotten sick.  They taste fine, they just smell bad. hehe
  (Hasn't gotten sick???  You would think he might make the connection to the green stuff in his pit???)

We had a nice rainstorm again, and that was a party!  I was out with Elder Berisa and we had a bunch of fun just teaching a ton of people!  We got 2 of our investigators ready for baptism. Which was a blessing, because if we hadn't taught them everything when we did, we would be still teaching them stuff. Then we wouldn't have been able to find out some of their concerns in time, and their baptisms could have been postponed. They would not have liked that!
Yes, we are having 2 more baptisms this week.  I am so excited!  1 of the people has been really freaking frustrating to teach, because she is suuuuuuper moody to us and I hate it!  But she has been wanting to be baptized for a while, so now that we stuck through it, now she is way nicer!

ELder Crotz and I went on exchanges this week.  We got on our bikes and we just rode! 30 minutes later we find ourselves way out in a place that almost looks livable!  It's called Millennium Estates, and it almost looks like a regular subdivision!   Well minus the cleanliness........ and the grass........ and the people..........and yeah.......... well a lot was still different, but hey those houses were flippen nicer than anywhere I will live here!

My eyes are ok but my head hurts, and oh my blue glasses broke.  It's kind of ELder Crotz's fault, but not really.  They were on my bed because I was washing my face.  He sat on my bed, and his hand landed on it. Yeah not putting it on the bed sounds simple enough, but you have got to remember I don't actually have anything else that I can put it on... wow that's sad.  But the screw that holds the lens in had rusted and it snapped in half. So I have just been wearing the Converse ones for a few days.  I don't know how to send them to you. I may end up trying to just go without.

Hopefully we will get to go to the beach next Monday! It is a different beach, for a really pristine lake.  Not like the nasty lake I have in my area with poop & stuff in it.  We are going to steal (borrow) a cooler that they have stashed in the church, then we will get ourselves some drinks and some snacks and just go sit there and have a freak ton of fun!  

Wow this sounds boring, but I guess there isn't a lot of stuff to say! We will just keep going because here it isn't going to stop! wwoooooooo
Love Elder Legg

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