Sunday, January 5, 2014

Just Scrape off the Mold & Eat It!!

Yeah my new companion is way cool, and he is so much nicer than elder Kanu!   The transfer was really good. I am still a junior companion, but Elder Allen is really cool and a lot of the time it still kind of seems like I am the senior companion. He lets me lead a lot since I know the Area and stuff. We have a ton of fun together.  We are always singing and laughing, and he is really funny.  He likes to talk a lot which is ok, because I am totally just content to sit there and listen to his cool stories.  He is really nice all the time, so that is a really nice change.  We are just having a grand time right now!  He is 6'5" and way fun!  I am in charge of making him fat. He is a great missionary who likes to get work done!  He really is super great to be with!  He is from Richfield, Utah. He has 1 brother 3 sisters, 4th born, 2nd to go on mission, 1 sister on mission right now too though.  ELder Allen is crazy cool!  He is kind of like Connor which is way awesome and we are already basically best friends.
If you just want to send a box full of ties that would totally be okay.  Just like cheap whatever ones from goodwill or something that would be ok. They don't have to be nice at all, just ties haha. Ties are really hard to keep clean here.

And here is a must- I have heard tale of a card game called Dominion, which is apparently way cool. It is some sort of card game. It has board game complexity or something. And I would really like to get it, because we have been playing the games you sent me to death!   They are so much fun! Thank you so much for everything

Yeah USA is soo much better, but don't worry because I love Ghana!

Nope you won’t recognize me because I am just too dark, and I am getting scars all over from the Iron, and from all sorts of stuff!

Tali you know I love the duck restaurant! Man Mexican food would be soo nice here!

Gracie says: What if a person from Africa came to Idaho & saw snow for the 1st time.  What would they call it??  Love you, Gracie
Travis says:  Well they have tv so they know all about snow :) So I should guess they would call it snow.  HeeHee

If you have milk and chocolate chip muffins, gosh dang send them here!   Doesn’t matter if they are spoiled, so is a lot of our food!   You just kind of scrape off the mold and eat it, or you can just slam it in the microwave for a while!  
I have been eating a lot of Indomie pizzas lately.  That is indomie mixed with eggs and then fried.  It’s nice, but not amazing, and not totally filling.

MAN calling home was really weird and not nearly enough time! But it was good. I was surprised you guys didn’t ask me to speak more Twi, but that’s ok next time right :) LOVE you mom

Yeah Connor told me that his dad has been reading the blog, and now the pressure is on! I didn’t realize I was supposed to be so entertaining!  But it is good, I love that other people want to join in on the adventure.
Man I really miss choir, like that is for sure one of the top things that I miss, which is weird. I didn’t think I would miss it very much, but I do.
Sorry I didn’t get to send this last week, but our cafe was dumb and the internet shut off.  So I didn’t get to finish and now I have to be really fast this week!
Just wait until my email next week! I will have an awesome announcement!

Love Elder Legg

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