Saturday, January 11, 2014

Awesome Announcement

Travis wrote this on 12/29:
Just wait until my email next week, I will have an awesome announcement!

Then he wrote this on 1/6:
Yeah you ready!   Guess what???  Mission is so short! I am coming home next year!

Then I replied:
What??  That's it??  Next year, as in 2015?? Are you kidding me??  Here I thought you were going to train a pet lion, or walk on fire burning coals, or learn to whittle elephant tusks into spears!! Or eat that goat that knocked your bike over!! :) Well glad to hear that you will come home & not stay forever!

Then he wrote back:
Yeah you can pretty easily come home 30 days early, which this guy is definitely not doing!   Don't worry mom,  I do tons of cool stuff here!   Pet lions are pansies.  And I have learned how to get a jaguar to escort you through the jungle.  And I could fight off a cheetah if one was chasing me no problem!!  And those are sadly not even exaggerations!!!

When we talked to him on Christmas he said that one of his responsibilities is doing the dishes every Monday. He said he washes all of them, whether they use all of them or not.  He said this was due to the dust, bugs, & mice/rats.  Yum!!

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