Monday, January 13, 2014

Needless To Say, We Never Went Back To Him!!

Sheesh!  Well here we have money, water, and power shortages, so I think the US can deal with a little Velveeta shortage :P

 I am really glad I am doing well on my story telling, because I do not want to be one of those lame missionaries that just give a few boring deets! I want to bring out the thrills and chills!

And If I was as tall as Connor, I would have to duck through all of the doorways here.   My companion has seriously hit his head like 5 times in the last like 2 weeks!  That is not fun.
Okay I haven't gotten any packages in a while.  So I don't know what the hold up is with all that jazz, but it is probably just the office elders who haven't even been able to get us teaching records for 2 months!  You gotsta find dominion, because we have honestly completely worn out a deck of regular cards now.  They have permanent shuffling bends, and they won't even bridge any more.  Those cards are only 5 months old, so that's not good.

Ty:   Man I have been making a ton of pizza lately!  Well it's Endomie pizza.  So you cook 2 packets Endomie on the stove.  Then you mix 3 eggs and the flavoring together in a bowl.   Next, strain out the water and dump the Endomie in the egg bowl.   Mix together well, then fry it in a pan, so it is like a pizza!   You have to fry both sides though.  And we use a ton of oil, because the pans are not very good here.   Dare you to try it!  
Dude I want to play soccer so bad!   But man if I keep getting fatter I might be able to play rugby when I get back!  I have seen a couple of the yellow Nike CTR 360 cleats that I like here, and I have been debating trying to buy them of of people's feet!

Tali: Yes Elder Allen is wearing your tie that you guys sent for Christmas, in the picture on the roof!   Yeah the hole just got fixed a few days ago, but we had a big hole for a long time. I think Elder Allen and I are going to move our beds around soon too.  No way we are just like twiners!

Tay: (Tay complained about the cold, snowy, rainy weather in Idaho ) Dude no, it is so hot and dusty and dirty here.   I am begging for snow, even though that will never happen!   I received my eagle with more than 10 extra badges!  Just keep going because then you don't have to do anything the rest of the year!  Keep up the sweet work!

Gracie:   (Gracie was picking on me & told him about me slipping on the ice) Don't worry mom, I fell off my bike the other day.  I was trying to cross a stream, which was honestly, less than 2 inches wide haha! Grace I am pretty sure that is a real saying just like "when in Rome, do as the Romans do." (She didn't believe me when I told  her "If you can't beat them, join them" so she was clarifying w/Trav)  I use full drama sometimes with these people.  And I talk with funny voices and all sorts of stuff when I am teaching now!

So a few weeks ago we went to the hospital for dinner, and we got to weigh ourselves.   We found out that I am the shortest man in the apartment, and also that I weigh the most!   So for anyone saying I look like I am getting are wrong, because I am getting pretty chubs!   I just broke 170lbs.

For a few weeks people have been hating on us.  And no one was wanting to hear us, or let us in.  But lately we have just been screwing around and it is working... kind of.  This last week I have been given some sort of free food more often than I have actually taught any lessons.   So mineral, guinness, fruit, water, fufu, and this week we have an appointment for pork and banku.  And then later, pancakes with custard! I am so excited!

Ok, so here is the crazy drunk guy we met.   We came out of a lesson and were walking down the street when a guy starts yelling at us.   He stops us and begs us to come to his house.   We hadn't had much success, so of course we went.   He sat us down and got really close, and that's when the horrible breath of alcohol overwhelmed us.   With how much we guessed he had drank, we were surprised that he was still able to stand.   And it was sad, since it was only 1pm!   But he runs inside and brings out his Bible.   We begin with a prayer, and right after he starts praying and waving his Bible around.   We begin teaching, but he isn't listening.   He yells, "Clench me!"   And we just kind of sit there, so he grabs our hands and starts putting them on him.   So we just kind of freeze up, and he starts yelling at us.   He reaches out then and yells "Take your hands from that place and put it here!!!"   He then wanted us to "clench" his wife and her sister.  Needless to say, we never went back to him!!

Next week I'll tell you about my extreme biking and drifting and my using an accent to contact and teach approach.

Oh and by the way, if anyone is questioning my authority or power... My companion and I lifted a cursing the other day.   Such is the life of a duh duh duh suuper missionary!

Love ya
Love Elder Legg

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