Saturday, October 5, 2013

Travis's Mailing Addresses

This is the information we got from the mission on mailing letters and packages to Trav:

If you want to use the post you have two options.  Address your letters and packages to:

Ghana Accra West Mission
Elder Travis Legg
Box 12741-North Accra

You can take your letter to the post office where they will assign an airmail international stamp in the amount of postage it needs to get to Ghana.  My mom's letter cost $1.78.

"If you mail a package, a flat rate large manila envelope from the US Post Office works well.  The cost is $23 and you can address it, stuff it, and wrap it completely with clear packing tape. We have not had any of these packages opened.  Many times a fee or tax is added to the packages that are opened."

Your second option is to use what is referred to as the Church Pouch mail.  This means of writing is less expensive and requires first-class postage only.  To use the Church Pouch, simply write your letter on one regular sized piece of paper, fold the paper into thirds, and secure it with two pieces of tape.  Please make sure to not use an envelope or include any enclosures.  Address the letter:

Elder Travis Legg
Ghana Accra West Mission
PO Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT

With either option, they will be delivered to the mission office, then they will be held until someone travels to Travis's area.
I know he loves to receive emails, but real mail would mean the world to him!  Include your physical address so that he can write back.

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