Monday, October 7, 2013

Today's News

*We played a lot of soccer at the MTC and it was pretty fun.  Ribs knocked out of place are always the best because they doing hurt very much once you get the reset!

*Yeah now in the field Its Me and Elder Kanu from Nigeria. Elder Ogiembo From Kenya and Elder Robertson from UK, they're the Zone Leaders. And Elder Uwabi from Nigeria and Elder Schmeltzer from America. I think most of the Africans stay in Africa and they just know that. They all just plan on going there I think. Its pretty rare for one to go somewhere like the United states. Oh and Elder Bori's name was Friday Kelly Bori.

*Some things are a little cheaper and some things are more expensive. food is about 2 GHC a meal which is only one dollar but as missionaries we only get 6.5 GHC a day so with other expenses added in you don't have nearly enough money.
   * My Trainer is Elder Kanu and he is also from Nigeria. I got him because I am one of the missionaries that is actually good at understanding the accents and President Hill thought we would be a good match. 
*I told you the guys in my apartment and they are all pretty cool. Its really sad like our compound is a really nice one but honestly our apartment is crap and you guys have no idea. we do have filtered water and a fridge and microwaves which is all nice but you guys wouldn't keep them in your house in a million years!  Oh and we are one of like 2 areas that actually has a washing machine. its not very good but at this point if your clothes aren't totally yellow then you are ready to go.
*OK so this next part I'm going to try and describe the poverty and you guys might be able to picture it but you can truly never understand. So there is trash everywhere. on every road in between houses on houses in sewers just everywhere. The sewers are just open sewers so its basically like the small ditch at our house except its along every road and its filled with poo and trash.
*In our apartment we have 2 bathrooms. kind of 1 working toilet 1 working bathroom sink and 2 working showers. Both toilets technically work but neither of them flush very well and one doesn't refill with water all the way on its own. Oh and there is no temperature on the water. the sink water is regular and the shower water is freezing!
*They have about 6 or 7 different dishes but basically there is just 2 kinds of foods. rice or this playdoh like stuff. So there's fried rice and brown rice and black rice and rice with beans and regular rice. all of them taste pretty similar so it doesn't matter much what you get. next the playdoh stuff. one time is almost seedy and you wet your hands and roll a little ball of it then you dip it in this "soup" that honestly looks like you had the runs and put seasonings and chicken bones in it. Or there is Fufu which is basically the same thing except the playdoh is already in the soup and there's usually fish in it. that one almost made me throw up. I am trying everything but I dont' like the squishy stuff and pretty much everything gives you really bad runny tummy. That's what they call diarrhea.

   *The other guys gave me fair warning that there are 2 things that are almost undoubtedly going to happen to me in the next 2 years. 1 I am probably going to get malaria no matter what I do even if i take my doxy every day and sleep under my net it is still going to happen. and 2 I am going to get runny tummy. Both of those things have happened to almost all of the guys in my apartment.
*We walk many miles every day and its very hot. when it rains here it is like no rain you guys have seen in Idaho but a little bit of my area is rich and some is a little more bush and the church building is in my area which is really nice.
*Oh yeah! I had my first baptism on Saturday. I Baptized A boy named Quami and my investigator Brother Stephen. They were both very happy and it was pretty awesome! so 3 days in and I already have a baptism hmm that sounds like super missionary material to me! :) Yeah I suck at contacting though but oh well that's probably just because no one can understand me!
The whole called to serve in English stuff is a load of bull! you are called to serve in English with an adequate knowledge of Tri.  the language is crazy hard and like half of the people Ghanians don't speak English very well.

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