Friday, October 25, 2013

This week in Ghana

*  Oh Oh we got to go teach at a school this week!  The schools here hold a worship thing every Wednesday, so all 6 of us got to go and teach the school for an hour.  They start with a prayer and they sing some sweet songs. When you have drums going and everybody is singing and chanting and all of the little kids are dancing around you, you know you are getting the full African experience! It was so incredible that we had them sing it again.  At the end, us three white elders were running around and dancing with them.  Our companions didn't want to join in, but we had a lot of fun!

*   Yeah if I get worms here it's not that big of a deal. I'm supposed to deworm like every 6 months here so it isn't that much of a worry. Malaria I am not to worried about so far, but I'm sure it can make things difficult. 
 * I haven' tried to use my card yet. Actually I ran out of subsistence this week so for about 5 days I had Indomie every meal. Indomie is the Ghanaian version of ramen noodles so I'm not actually complaining but after a few days it'd make you sick. It's 20 Cedi for a box of 4 packets. I mean I had 90 in personal money but I just wanted to see if I could make it and I had to use 40 for our energy because we ran out. Yeah we got more money today which was nice, so I got money for our fried rice lady. Since the white missionaries are really nice to her, she always gives us extra and sometimes extra pieces of chicken which is super cool of her. Also Elder Robertson gave me a Barcelona Jersey its a really cheap one but I'll probably buy a couple more while I'm here. I think I have decided I need to buy jerseys, shorts, a watch, sunglasses, shoes, and pants.  Those will most likely be a few of my souvenirs.

  *  Nope I definitely have fuzzy teeth all of the time, no matter what and I am probably going to have a lot of cavities when I get home.

* I can't wait to get your letters that will be so cool! 

* It was Strawberry Ice cream. It tastes different than back home and it's a little more runny. I buy the vanilla kind off the street sometimes. Of course we have refrigerators here! Where else are we supposed to keep our stuff cold?! Also we have 2 microwaves and a gas stove and a washing machine. 
* Haha yeah the only hunting we might do here is, the other guys said, that if I can get a goat into our compound then we can kill it and eat it. Holy cow you have no idea how hard that is. I think I could kill one faster with a banana leaf.
*  Dude I ate all of my pepperoni sticks here and they were way good. It really sucks not having just snacks I either have to go out and buy food or I have to cook it which takes so long!

*   Good luck with that primary program.  We had ours this week which was really... cool? haha it was funny when the kids would just say amen after everything and the adults would yell it back. Actually I got to go to primary this week and sing songs with them which was fun. We sang I am a child of God and If you're happy and you know it. Also then the primary gave us snacks which was awesome because we were starving! :P
*   Also this week I got to go on exchanges with Elder Schmeltzer which was so nice. We went to his area and I got to see all sorts of other things that aren't in my area and even though most of our appointments failed we still had fun and did work. The break from Elder Kanu was much appreciated. 
*  Elder Kanu is really hard to deal with, like almost everyone in our apartment has an issue with him. other than knowing the scriptures, I am basically already a better missionary than him. He honestly has no Idea how to plan correctly or how to companion study or how to teach me. Most of our lessons are just me talking and him repeating what I have said. He is really rude also. That is mostly because he is from Nigeria and he keeps acting like hes better than everyone else and he has something to prove. It's sad though. I can tell he's not here for the right reason. He just is out here for the honor to himself. He isn't here for the Lord and he talks about wishing he was home every day. I guess there is a reason I am with him, but we shall see. Yeah the one thing I am praying for is that If I keep working hard then I will be blessed to train soon after, and that will be kind of like a fresh start.

*   We got Disney monopoly this week and we play it pretty much every night. I've played 3 games so far and I have won 3 games so far :) not trying to brag or anything, but I am the greatest!

*   This week hasn't been all fun and games though. I took a nasty elbow to the face in football--from Kanu and my mouth was really bloody and my cheek is swollen. Also for the last week and a half about I've had a pretty nasty cold so I've been popping the pills.  It got bad enough one day that we had to turn in early one day which wasn't good. Oh well we are still working hard and just trying to push through. 

*  Oh by the way, I had another baptism yesterday if you want to add that to the blog and I am one month done already!!!

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