Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ghana's Getting Better!

 * My schedule:  Up at 630 a get ready till 8 study and plan for the day 11 head out and walk 30 minutes to get to our area then either teach some people or do a crap ton of contacting and teach those people. We take a break for lunch in between 2 and 5 then go out for a little bit more. We are supposed to be out until 9 but it gets totally dark at 6 and there is only so much we can do at that point. Especially when the power is out and you cant really read or teach so we are usually back a little before 8 and just take our dinner then. Then until like 1030 we hang out like a bunch of 19 and 21 year old guys in an apartment together.
That's really nice.
* We had no general conference here. So no idea how it was. 

*  We actually got to play soccer today at the chapel with the district that shares our building it was a ton of fun but I got so soaked. Like honestly my entire shirt was wet and you could see the difference. It is so much fun since only one elder in our apartment didn't play before he came but he still tries and he works hard so we all have a good time. 
* One of the investigators that's in our ward his job his people pay him 50 peswas or something and he lets them stand on his scale and he weighs them. We found out I am the 2nd heaviest guy in the apartment. Elder Kanu is the heaviest at 85. Me and another guy were 75 and two others were 65 one guy didn't weigh but he is definitely the smallest. Oh and that's in kilograms so I have gained weight since I have been out here.
*Honestly I kind of wish that my blessing had a little more to do with the language because this Tri thing is really hard but I have some of the basics and I can greet people well enough and I can insult them. They don't have any cuss words in that language so aquasia is the worst thing you can call someone and it only means fool. For some reason fool, stupid and crazy are extremely offensive here which isn't helpful at all.
   * Yeah we don't have any festive decorations except like a birthday banner that has been up for a few months I guess. We might have some Christmas ones to put up in a little bit but its not like we will actually celebrate any holidays here.
*Yeah there are plenty of things that make this soo hard and if I had a different mentality I could see it being too hard but I honestly don't really have any serious thoughts of going home other than when it happens in 2 years. It is a lot of fun with these guys and a mission is just my life its not like I can or would change that!
* His first name Ogban so Elder Ogban Kanu. I have been struggling with him. Its been 5 days since he's actually said I've done anything good so I hear a list of things that I need to change. It gets hard because he says If I am humble a mission will be easy so I have been trying really hard to be humble but he just keeps putting me down and I don't think I deserve that. If I was doing something wrong or I was just messing around it would make more sense  but I am honestly trying my best. Oh and something else I've learned by discussion with my District and Zone leaders is that He has had some bad companions and I was specifically picked as a strong trainee to come and put him on the right track. I have been picked out of 90 kids as the only one sent to train his trainer. Isn't that so nice!
* I had a Free meal  on Monday and yesterday which was cool and not so much so Monday.  It was at this rich families house so we had tons of rice and chicken and a couple liters of mineral (pop) and all 6 of us couldn't finish it then the lady brought out a tub of ice cream and a big bowl of pineapple and some cake. Holy cow we had an hour walk home and I almost died! Soo much food. I ate 3 plates of rice and chicken and 3 bowls of ice cream with cake and pineapple on top!
  Then at our free meal yesterday we had Banku which is a stew with cooked fish that has been mutilated and put in then you have this weird stuff almost like bread dough that you pull apart and eat with the stew. I almost got sick when I pulled a full decayed fish heads out of my stew and the time I stuffed a whole fish tail in my mouth. I still ate until I was full. I can't stand Banku or Fufu but I can kind of handle Eba.  They are all pretty similar, but the stews are slightly different and the squishiness of the bread dough stuff varies and how it's prepared is a tiny bit different, but basically they are all the same meal.
* This week Elder Kanu and I contacted 115 people. Some people may say that's a little over zealous, but I just say its him making fun of me and my inability to talk Tri. Our zone leaders only had 70 and their area has hardly any investigators and is almost entirely contacting.
  Saturday we had an open house at the church so in the morning we helped McCarthy Hill ward do theirs and so the members are inside with a bunch of posters and they talk all about the church then the missionaries are out street contacting their butts off trying to get everyone to go inside the church. McCarthy hill ward was 9-12 am then ours Odokor Ward was 6-8 and yes our district got more people through. Also since the chapel is in my area out of the 130ish names I think I have technical rights to at least 70 new investigators. Sadly the Zone leaders need more investigators so we are splitting the names up evenly in our district. 
*I am already getting super tan which is fun because I am already as tan as the 2 other white elders that have been here for 18 months and they both got really bad sunburns Saturday but I did not! I love my skin.
* I am training one of our shop ladies so that I will see her in the morning and tell her to save me a loaf of sugar bread and then when I come by in the evening, even though all of their bread is sold out, she has a 1 left for me all packaged up and ready to go behind the counter.
* Oh yeah and for when you guys decide to send me packages the things I will need Is 2 years worth of anti-Diarrhea medicine and pictures of home and money haha we barely have enough to scrape by here and that kinda sucks. Yeah but that medicine is pretty important, I have literally had runny tummy every day since I got into the field and the other missionaries have it most of the time too :) 
Pictures won't send, so when this memory card gets full you will need to send me another one and I will just mail you this one.

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