Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rat & Cat.... oh my!

 So I am teaching these 3 guys from Nigeria, and one of them is crazy. So he has promised to cook me cat sometime when I come over. My companion is scared of it, but I am totally going to try it!  Also today I had RAT!  Yeah the rats here are huge!   The one we got was small, and it was still easily a foot long. We had light out and it was running around outside and somehow my companion clubbed it with a 2x4.   None of us understood that and now he won't eat it.  But another guy from Nigeria cooked it, and today We were the only ones to eat it.

I have had 3 meals from people this week: 2 times of fufu and one of rice. Both times with the fufu I totally threw it down! I barely even gag anymore!  So that's a good thing, but I easily liked the rice the best!
This week was pretty short, but that could be because I had "a day off."  Mom read that part.  Everyone else read this part. (He must have forgotten that Mom is the one who posts this for him!!) This week was pretty short, but that could be because I had a Malaria Scare. I was getting ready and all of a sudden I started vomiting really bad and it just kept coming and I had a fever at 100.2 and my body was achy.  So I ended up just having to sleep all day. I didn't eat anything until dinner, but I was a little better the next day and I got to go proselyte.  So we decided it wasn't Malaria. It was a nice day because my body definitely did need the rest!
They don't do much for holidays here.  There are a few but not any of the good ones that we have back home. I think New Year may be kind of big, but so far the biggest deal was when Ghana was playing in the World Cup Qualifiers. That was a big deal and lots of people went crazy when they scored. People were running through the streets just screaming!  Trunk or Treat sounds way fun! I wish we did that here, but there isn't really candy here and people in Ghana don't like sugar very much. If you send me candy and I have an African companion then they probably won't eat it because it is too sweet! 
The kind of bread we have is sugar bread.  Sugar bread and butter bread and tea bread are the main types of bread we have here.  Sugar bread is just like bread but it tastes a tiny bit like sugar.  Butter bread is the same, but it tastes a bit like butter.  And tea bread is much smaller and you usually use it for a sandwich from some sort of street vendor. Mercy is the bread girl's name.  Every day that I want the bread, I tell her at lunch time and she has it all ready for me by dinner! 
 Oh and by the way if you feel the need to complain about 70 degrees you shouldn't.  You should come here because its soo hot.  It doesn't even get down to 70 at night! We had light off the other night and it was so hot without our fans that each of us only got maybe 2 hours of sleep. Yeah we need a personal fan blowing on each of our beds!
Elder Kanu has kind of been a butt this week too. Since I'm getting used to teaching and whatnot, I am supposed to teach most of the lessons at this point.  But I end up teaching the entire lesson while Elder Kanu either sleeps or plays with little kids. Any time he feels like coming in he usually just repeats everything I just said and confuses the investigator. Also I didn't get to go play football today because He didn't want to leave the apartment and everyone else was going. After he got done yelling for no reason I just went to the roof and read the rest of 1st Nephi. I think President Hill is aware and I am pretty sure that is why I was picked to be with ELder Kanu. I should know more by next week though.
 In my MTC there were 90 something kids, but like 30 of them were on a different time schedule because they were French speaking Missionaries. 
When we email we do it at this little dinky cafe where there is just a bunch of computers and you pay 2 cedi for 2 hours of internet time. It looks like if they took the area of a library where the computers were and put them in a small 1 room building.
Okay and by the way we have a new wife hunt update.  So mom while you are out trying to find me the one (I didn't know I was!!), there are some pretty difficult requirements.  I heard tale of a type of female in the far away majestic land of Kenya. These ultimate wives are the women of the Masi (mass-eye).
Wife qualifications:
1. Extremely attractive
2. Cooks every meal without complaint
3. Cleans the house every day and keeps everything clean
4. Every day after work she bathes you without any effort on your part.
Yeah us Americans were pretty shocked by a woman like that actually existing, so now you have to find me the American version of that! Challenge accepted!

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