Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Pile of Mold the Size of a Basketball! It was Pretty Wretched!

Flip you guys seemed to have a really eventful week that's suuuper sick! Yeah sorry in advance but my week isn't going to be as eventful, and our numbers were pretty terrible but oh well I don't really care because it's quality sometimes instead of quantity. Not often, but when you get some sick new people to church it feels worth it!

Ok yeah I am way pumped for school, which is fun because in the past I wasn't really much of a school guy but I really hope that this will work well and that I can do good!  So what classes am I in?! Wanna send me some idea of my schedule?! Ok well Ty is good at English right? So he should be fine! Flip I would score near brain dead for sure in English at this point!!@! (Tyson had to take some college placement tests in order to get registered in Trav's classes.  He passed everything well and they are registered for all of the same classes starting in the fall)  Wooooooooo I am puuumped right now!~ that sounds like a really weird schedule, but it's fine I don't really care what I take as long as I get to pass and not end up looking like a total moron!

Wow it's so crazy that Kayla is home now because it doesn't even feel like she left! I am still here and I'm still doing the same thing that I was doing 18 months ago! But good news is that I get to have a ton of fun over here in Africa all by my lonesome while you guys have to do normal life stuff hehe I'm enjoying!

Man I have been dropping money like I got nothing better to do today. Went and bought a bunch of food in bulk this week because my diet for the past week has been horrible! Sunday food was strait chocolate spread and water for breakfast, lunch was rice with Shit-o (which is basically nasty hot chunky sauce), and chocolate milk (water) ugh then I woke in the night puking it all up. I have just been eating bread and chocolate for like the whole week and no actual substantial food for myself. If someone gave me food then I got a little variety, but other than that stale bread with choco spread. yeah I don't feel good now :)

 My companion has been pretty messed up sick for like 3 days so I have spent 3 days inside doing paper work, cleaning, ad sleeping. I had no idea how exhausted I had been until I started sleeping and I just kept going never wanting to wake! My companion is suuuper sick though, and we are having a ton of fun together! He knows a lot of the stuff that I know from back home like music, movies, Costco! All the good stuff! Yeah dude he is really cool and we are having a sick time together.  I hope that as we work with some of the cool people that we have, that we might get them to figure out their lives, because some of them are really struggling, but it's sick when they help us when we struggle too!

Our house has been pretty nasty basically since it became a missionary apartment like nearly 2 years ago. But we are really working to get it put together. Cleaned out the under the sink area which was nasty and had a pile of mold the size of a basketball!  It was pretty wretched!  Also we cleaned out the spare bathroom, that for some reason can only be accessed from the porch!  But I don't think that one has ever actually been used as a bathroom, and now it is cleaned out and just needs to have a plumber come and fix some leaks and stuff!

Tay:  You should talk to the coaches and just see if you can do both! (tennis and track)  It's sick that you're doing so well in tennis!  Keep u the good work!

Ty: Flip you might as well say that you whole life is Bekah! That's sick! Has she replied to you yet? (prom)  Thank goodness that was a good movie! (Cinderella---Tyson did a "who does the glass slipper fit" to ask her to prom--whoever the shoe fit was who the prince--Tyson--would take to prom) All the movies I have been looking forward to I haven't heard anything about!!! Glad you keep on doing sick with your soccer team! Soccer golf would be sick!  (a new thing in here)
Tali: Sheesh you had a really full week! You gotta keep yourself busy so that you can always have fun stuffs to do! I to am always trying to keep busy!

Gracie: Sorry you kinda get gypped because the lady of the cafe now wants to kick us out, so sorry but I guess we were  disturbing the other customers... oh wait we are the only ones here!!!!

Have a wonderful week

Love Elder Legg

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