Monday, February 23, 2015

Keep on Rockin and Smile!

Yeah I just gotta do my thing while they do theirs. Who someone else is shouldn't influence who I will become!

Oh man I miss you guys! I can't wait to get home and be a part of all that! Well soon enough we will take some cool ones and do a bunch of sweet stuff together!
                           (I forwarded him this goofy Christmas picture of us)

That's super cute! I don't have any sound for it, and it's hard to see, but it looked great and they're way cool!  Yeah I miss  doing cute stuff like that.  Today Elder Clark and I were dancing in the market making all the old lady sellers laugh!  Clark and I dance all the time!   We are like by far the most fun missionaries around!   Members love us! This less active lady asked us if we could move in with her because she didn't want us to leave! We are way awesome!  Clark is the assistant to the president and he is from Star, Idaho. He's pretty cool.  He's totally cool with me he doesn't care what I do. He knows I'm a good missionary! We have fun.  There's actually 3 of us from Idaho in my apartment.  I'm with totally different people now. This one is from a different popular east Idaho place.   Where is Lynn from? She went to Highland High School right? Which town is that?  I think it's Pocatello! Wickham--that's the Elder's last name from Pocatello I don't know but there are a bunch of us from Idaho, which is good because most people like Idahoans better than the Utah guys.  Hehe Africans know we rock!  

YEah so transfers went well.  My Companion is better, but stuff is still rough for sure!  Yeah he is called Elder Kouame from Ivory Coast.  He's cool and nice, but really quiet. It was kinda weird for a while though because at first it seemed like he couldn't speak English at all so that was trouble.  But he's much better than first expected. He's only been speaking English for like 4 months.  And he has already begun to loosen up since he got with me. We have a bunch of fun but we just don't talk that much. He also doesn't like to eat very much, so he always leaves me hangin at our dinner appointments, which stinks because then I'm all bloated and messed up at the end of the day, but its still totally worth it!!!!  He likes playing and watching soccer, he is a really quite guy, very kind, likes to smile, and is happy to be a missionary. He has been in the church for just about 2 years now.
We just got back from Keneshie to buy more fabric. I got some a few weeks ago and I got a suuper sick top and down made for me.... umm that means shirt and pants... but they are way cool.  The fabric we got today is to make some crazy cool jackets. I only know of one tailor who has successfully made some and so we will be getting in contact with them very soon!
Earlier today we got to chop down branches in the tree in our yard, Valdez, Clark and I are up in this big ole tree infested with evil elephant killing ants hacking away with some monster sized cutlasses! I may or may not have chopped out a branch that left a huge hole in the leaf line, also Valdez might have chopped off a full on log! It was a ton of fun and our land lady just kept yelling at us but she thought it was funny also so we didn't stop!
Also we went weeding at sister Adelaide's house that was horrible! 8 of us in this big field sweltering and blistering and sorenizing (the act of working hard and causing ones self to become sore)! but she fed us some really delicious rice and some stew stuff that I have never before seen! It was crazy good! She lives right next to mental hospital where we met one of the patients who was suuper nice! Sister Adelaide totally loves me! That was only the second time I had ever met her and she was begging me to never leave her... not weird because shes like 50s 60s dont worry! She said she'd buy me everything I need and I could stay at her house to make her smile! Then Clark got accepted also after second consideration! Woo tons of fun! 
Well when does the school start? I should just come home the 30 days early? I'll let president know soon keep reminding me so I can email him next week and let him know. Yeah that will work. Let him know I need to be home atleast the 30 days early. I'll let him know to though.  Are you and dad planning to come pick me up here or not really any more?  If you'd come how long would you stay? Because it would be nice for clothes fitting and stuff but it would be kinda difficult but you could get cool art stuffs and whatever. Idk where you would stay here and basically you'd just be spending lots of money. What do you want?

Yeah it's super dumb that they are coming home already! I've been busting my but way longer than them! I should be coming home next month for crying out loud!  Haha well I think you could contact president hill about it.. It isn't salt lake that will do it. But if you contact here it would be good. I wish I was there for graduation!  Wow it's weird that all these young guys are going for missions! A bunch of my friends or class mates didn't even go!!! Well good for them though! They are doing their best!  Yeah dude Austins rockin it though so it's sick! Man how long are we missionaries for! It still feels like I will never come home!!!

Tali: What is strange magic? was it good! how did you like it?
Ty: dude tahts sick! man you hang out with Bekkah all the time! she is freaking sick! how was getting your blessing? i bet it was dang cool!!!!  Wow Ty is a stuuddd!! That's super dope! I'm so glad he was able to do that! He freaking rocks!!!
Tay: Wow dancin with your friends, doin solo and ensemble! Flip all things are just going sick for you!!! How are all your girls that love you doin?
Gracie: Well make sure you never join in any stupid people who are smoking! Why do people do things like that? that's suuper stupid!

This month is such a special one it's birthday time for you!
we'd really like to celebrate this happy day with you! 
so zippidy ay and hiddie ho,
there's something we can do well sing a song that we all know!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday to you!!!
Yay mommy you are now even older!!! How does that feel? Back hurt? wrinkles? need naps? sheesh glad IM never gonna be that old!
Well as for this guy I'm still YSA so that just makes me seem young and awesome!!!!


Umm yeah I think that's the good stuff for this week! Keep on rockin and smile!
Love Elder Legg

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