Tuesday, February 17, 2015

At the End of the Day I Will Always Do What's Right

Wooooohhhh!!! I did it mom I am officially accepted to college!!!

Sweet thanks. Love you mom you're the besty!!!! (told him I'm sending a package with drink packets)  I'm not out but, I have noticed I'm getting low. I don't drink as much here because we don't have enough power to keep the drinks cold so it's hard to drink.  

So I got sick twice since we've been talking.   I started not feeling well Wednesday night, so I slept, woke up, slept, woke up, pooped, ate, slept, and basically didn't leave my bed for more than 5 minute increments from Wednesday till Saturday which was really cool. I'm pretty sure I just got myself overworked and completely exhausted with a serious lack of sleep.  It was really fun when none of my investigators notices the lack of me! flip 
Then the other one was Saturday.   The next Saturday I wake up with  my left eye sealed shut with goop and in a lot of pain. I unseal it and discover that its all red and the surrounding area is swollen.  So I start drowning my eye in eye drops until it didn't hurt anymore, went back to sleep.  Got up a couple hours later, put in a bunch more eye drops, then rubbed Neosporin around the swollen area. I then chopped up a rag and used an ace bandage to make a sick eye patch that I then wore around for the rest of the day. It was pretty exciting to rep an eye patch and look like a pirate while all these other people were just lookin at me like I was some sort of freak.   So yeah super sick!

Tay: Wow you are just so thoughtful! I didn't realize you had to do that just for me.  What a swell fellow you turned out to be! (Taylor told him he was the leading force in us emailing him weekly, that I try not to, but he pulls through for Trav & makes me!!)  Haha yeah I have been trying to grow out a mustache too... Not really working! But I did get a really nasty haircut.  Basically I have a mohawk hehe it's pretty sick, but I don't put it up.  I just comb it over so it looks presentable. The back is a pretty nasty slimmer mullet.
 No it looks cute! Don't worry I'll get you a pic of it soon, but yeah it's not something Imma rep again.  Haha I've always been rebellious! No one can tell me what I can or can't do, but at the end of the day I will always do what's right :) 
Ty:  Flip dude you hang out with Bekkah a ton! That's cool! I hope you had a ton of fun at least!!!
Gracie: Why are you getting stuck like a lump you crazy girl!!! Flip don't you know that's super dangerous! Flip I need you to still be there when I get back!! (she got herself stuck like a lump in her sleeping bag when they camped in the backyard--only Gracie could do this so well)

Tali: Dang you did all sorts of sick stuffs! I wanna do fun stuffs for Valentines Day! i just listened to a bunch of lonely Ghanaian women complain about how much they hate v day! Weirdos! I love that day!!
So these past weeks Imma strap a ton of info into as small of space as possible so sorry for lack of Character and funnitude herewith!
Also Odorkor had a zone activity that the office elders were going to a couple Mondays ago, and I got to go with them.   We played pure water dodge ball. A pure water sachet is 500ml.   The plastic is pretty durable and it hurts like crazy when it hits you. I took a couple hits to the face, and a really gnarly one to the neck that left some serious pain a for a few days.   But bottom line in the tournament:  my team/ district won and looked like suuper bosses!!!

I'm not sure if I told you this one yet but we went to a mini-golf place a few weeks ago and it was super fun. We were jumping all over from attraction to attraction and doin flips and all sorts of stuff and I got a bunch of turf-burn from falling.

Today we had a zone activity. It was supposed to start at 10, but it started at 1230 and some of the zone didn't even come. It was a load of junk, but while we were waiting we were able to play a bunch of American football and soccer and I suuuper sucked.   Which wasn't a big deal......until I biffed it in the parking lot and scratched up my knees hands and elbows, but it was totally worth it!!!  Also we then played a scripture search that my team dominated. I sucked at it, but my team mates did really well.   Also we had musical chairs, with the last 6 all from my district, then the last 5 from my apartment, and the last 2 were me and Clark. I let Elder Clark win though because I had already won all the other games  :)

Right now I am having a super sweet top and down made, so hopefully that will look really good.   We aren't sure how good this tailor does yet, but we are trying him out and hopefully he will do as good as we are hoping.

Ok also so transfer news, Elder Sebit is going out way into the bush just like he wanted. I don't think he is going to enjoy because that place isn't very nice.   But oh well, he will have fun.  But him leaving isn't actually good news.   Getting another rough to handle missionary.  Problem with this one is he still has 3 weeks of training, so technically I'm training him.  I wasn't supposed to be but I finagled my way into it.  But yeah a huge problem is he doesn't speak any English!  He's a French speaker.  And he is worse off than most because instead of the 6 week at the MTC learning English, they put him in a French district, so really he just learned French the whole time ugh. He was supposed to be finished with training, but your training is your first 12 weeks, and hes only been out 9 weeks, so if Imma be stuck with him, Imma get to count him as my son and train him for a little bit. Also imma work him. 
Ugh oh well we shall work it out.  Lets just say I'm not excited and pretty disappointed once again, oh well I'll do what the Lord wants me to do.   This is the normal transfer time, so a bunch of people are getting transferred. I haven't met him yet. I will get him on Wednesday. I will meet him at the transfer location in Tesano, which just so happens to be my stake center.  Luckily there is like a French community around our areas, so hopefully we can get some use out of him. He and his trainer have done nothing since Christmas pretty much.

Got 2 people that come to church regularly but that's not exactly helpful because they are kinda crazy and the bishop said they need to wait longer to be baptized. They've come 4 times! But oh well we will keep seeing them, and see if we can get them to stop being crazy. The husband has a really big issue with his leg and it's all swollen and messed up, but he still does what he can, and he is always happy to see us.

One of my investigator's dads had a super nasty hernia, and it was crazy bad. He could barely speak or move but we gave him a blessing and he was able to get surgery and now he is totally fine. We met him on the road the other day just walkin to the market, he's got a bit of a hobble but he's still pressin forward!!!

Well yes sirry... nope don't know how to spell that.  But that there is a few of the adventures that you have missed, please join us for our our all new adventures next week on THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF A SUPER MISSIONARY.

Love Elder Legg

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