Monday, November 10, 2014

I'd Murder Someone for a Real Nice Hot Dog Right Now!!!!

My new companion is super sweet! He is enjoying Africa, but he knows it is suffering.   In the Philippines where he lives, it is pretty well, his family is doing pretty well too.  We actually just saw this online today, but his city is the 7th best to live and work the world.  He also goes to the best university in his country.  So he is doing pretty well, and here is a horrible step down from there.  (We asked if the conditions of the  Philippines was comparable to those in Ghana, better, worse, same?) So I think he would be a cool companion to go and visit!  He's not very much like Elder Fairwell.  But he has gone to Kasoa, not the same area that I was in, but the same apartment.

Hmm that's sad that only one out of 3 was willing to greet my mom! That's official they're not the ones for me! Thank goodness! (We saw some girls he knew from a few years back & one came to say hi)

Man it just feels like everyone is going home except me! So not fair!  I feel Like imma be stuck here forever!!! I'm never coming home again! But it's cool!  I am kind of mad that Kayla gets home before me, that's a load of junk! (That's his cousin who is serving in Brazil--she left a month after him and will get home in April because girls go on missions for 18 months) I mean I don't  even believe that she actually went on a mission.  You all just made that up to make me feel better! I mean some of her crazy food stories were that she had to eat hot dogs and it was really gross.... I mean honestly I'd murder someone for a real nice hot dog right now!!!!! But don't worry!  I won't... maybe...

Mom did anyone tell you how awesome you are?  Honestly, yesterday I started crying because I miss you so much! More to come on that later. (Dang, I miss that kid everyday!)

Yes Christmas will be awesome and I am going to enjoy it!  For package ideas whenever you feel like, some drink mixes would be great.  I finished those.  They're really good.  I've been trying to mix milk powder, chocolate powder, and sugar in my bottle.  But unless there is a ton of milk it tastes really nasty and then it gets kinda expensive...

Tali: Yeah my new companion is way cool. He is not like Elder Fairwell.  And are you kidding me? I have been here for over a year and you want to ask if it snows? No there are only 2 seasons here....... wet and dry.  It never snows. EVER!  It's horrible! Man why are there a bunch of church movies coming out all of a  sudden? That's really cool!

Ty: Dude you are such a boss! You look great in those pics bro!  Are you putting the one of you with mom for your announcement card? :P   Who is on the football team now? I have only heard about 2 guys and I didn't think the team would be any good, but that's cool that they are doing well.

Gracie: Good thing you could get away from that stinky bum! He was not nice at all! We didn't like him! So hopefully this new teacher will be better for you! I hope it all works out. Just try your best! (We had to make a schedule change for Gracie at school)

Tay:  Of course you made it! (Treasure Valley Honor Choir--the 2nd time he tried out, he didn't make it the 1st time)  Dude you're a total boss!  You just got all up in those judges' faces and were like whats what! But don't worry about basketball tryouts!  Even if you don't make it at least you get to have fun! But hey you're athletic, so you can try.  Dude have Tyson try out too! He could get on varsity because he's a senior! (Tyson didn't think this was a good idea.  He's way too much of a soccer defender and puts a body on everyone & fouls a lot at basketball!!)

So not much for this week because we had 2 full rain days but one was sweet!
Tuesday we had a rainy day, and because it was light off on Monday my companion and I came to the chapel to shoot off a few emails. When we walked out of the clerks office there was a full on storm raging! Panels were breaking from the ceiling because a bunch of rain was getting on them.  Plantain trees were falling over all around us.  The palm trees were bent in half, and it was way cool.  We were stuck there for a few hours, but the power went off so that was no fun!  But we made it home and it rained until the night!  That was really cool to have just a bunch of broken trees all over the paths as we were trying to rush home!

Yesterday was a really great day. The Lathem's invited us all over for a bbq, and it was a freaking awesome! Burgers and cake, and I missed my mom so freaking bad!  Goodness!  Sister Lathem was handing me a bottle water and it just made me so sad.  (Awww..... I love that kid!) The burgers were delicious as anything I have ever tasted! We had so much fun!  
And then 30 minutes later some  ladies invited us to a baby  something party.  It's called an outdooring. For some reason here after you have a baby it has to stay in the house for 3 months, then you have a big party.  It's kinda ridiculous.  But they forced us to eat a bunch of banku, and it was detrimental to my resolve!  I was begging them to just let us go. On the walk home some dumb guy got all up in our face and he wanted to fight us.  But we, and a few people around him, humbled him real quick, until he started begging our forgiveness.  It was kinda fun.
Yeah it's been a kinda long week, but we have been enjoying, so it's all good!
Love you guys and hope all is well!
Love Elder Legg

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