Monday, November 10, 2014

There Was Light Off All Day

This update is from 11/4/14

Ok so sorry we are on Tuesday, but there was light off all day, and we were unable to do it in the evening. So I got to get on today woop woop.   

Of course we pulled off the Halloween movie night!!!   It was really hard because Elder Fairwell was pretty much 100% in charge of it.   But he left on Wednesday (Oct. 29th) and then no one else was helping.   So I took charge and took care of everything.   Boom total success and everything went great!  We had a little over 60 people there.  All went well other than a few of the missionaries were bums and came like an hour late..........which, for the time I asked everyone to be there, was about 2 and a half hours late!   But luckily, the guy  that was in charge of the projector already had everything ready to go when we got there! Thank you Brother Adu!   We did a bunch of contacting out on the street and people got kinda mad at us because they showed up late and then they didn't understand the story line of the movie as well.  But I told them that if they showed up on time there wouldn't be a problem! But it went well, there was a good turnout, and everyone seemed to enjoy.

Man why did Uncle Rafe have to leave Las Vegas!?? When will Ty be going on his mission?

Ty: Dude I never even got to go to MEN (a boys choir activity & then Ty did a barbershop quartet activity too--that's what Trav's talking about).  Man you lucked out that's super sick!  I bet that was a ton of fun!  So how come you didn't want to be in Treasure Valley Honor Choir? Don't worry it's fun and you get out of school for it, so win - win!  Hope all is well and your still doing sick!  For a senior pic you should get a cool rain pic with your black jacket and a scarf... just a suggestion :)

Tay:  Hecks yeah try out for basketball!   That would be way fun, you are going to enjoy it! I wish I could try out for basketball!   I didn't even get to go trick or treating this year because a bunch of the churches here are dumb and they condemn all holidays.

Gracie: Ok ok so I guess I will see it sheesh I don't need it all full drama :P I'm glad you liked it and had a ton of fun! (She gave him the whole scoop on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, which she totally loved, which is bizarre if you know Gracie)

Tali:  Umm ok so next Halloween you have to remember where all of the houses with full sized candy bars are so that I can come and get some with you!  Don't worry, time will still move slow. But it's cool because I'll be back before next Halloween!  So in very short time!!!

Also I have a new companion Elder Francisquete from the Philippines. He is really cool guy! We are having a bunch of fun together and we are working hard! I'm in the same area. He came last year May.  I don't know what to say about him.  I'll put together a bio or something and send it next week!  He is way fun, but he too doesn't have a camera!  Now we (Elder Fairwell & Trav) are not together, so now I don't have a camera again!  That's why I tried to send you as much as possible when I could :)

 Love you all!
Love Elder Legg

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