Monday, September 1, 2014

I Was Scoring Goals All Over the Place!

Ok sorry I couldn't email last week.  We had a zone activity in Oda which took all day.  Then we had light off (no power) when we got home, so that was horrible.   But the activity was supper sweet so don't worry about that!!!  We played a big game of football and I killed it! Again!! It was sweet, I was scoring goals all over the place!

SO emergency transfer was for a whole lot of things. The guy that traded me needed to help something in Oda. And I was needed here to be a junior companion to Elder Fairwell, because he was being prepared to become the district leader.   Also the guy who I replaced hadn't really done any work here, so we are coming to kill it.

Here we have water, but our water filter is having problems.  It is supposed to fill my bottle in 20 seconds, but last night it took over 15 minutes to fill.   It was not nice.

My companion now Elder Fairwell, is from Houston Texas, but he had served in Liberia for about 15 months so he is sweet!  We are working hard together, and we have tons of members that come with us, and they enjoy us plenty!

Ooooooo Bill the second councilor! And who is going to be the bishop?!  Is dad staying in his spot? What about all the rest of the ward what's going on with them?  Why are they thinking about calling him Weston? (Brittany & Ty Weber) That is not cool at all!  Give him a cool name like Lord Gyemfie!

Tyson: Dude soccer seems like it is going awesome and your school seems like it's doing awesome! Who are the captains for soccer this year? It's sweet that you guys are killin it! Dude keep rockin the school and being a total boss!
Tay: Yeah dude FX is way hard because Mr Child is crazy! It's awesome!  Today I just went to the Gym and I am freaking dying! There is a gym near the market and the guy who owns it lets the missionaries come for free. I almost died!  Yeah there are tons of girls, now you just get to choose which ones you want!
Tali:  So do you like the new bishopric, or is it not nice?  It sounds like you are going to have a sweet 4th grade year! Hope all is well and you are being nice to the other kids!
Grace: Sheesh you Are having all sorts of troubles!  You just need to chill sister sassy pants :) Are you sure you know what flirty is? Im pretty flirty!  Maybe you should ask me for advice. (it was a drama class activity she told him about)  Don't worry, middle school stinks at first.  But it will be ok you'll get over it, and you'll find all of the fun parts soon enough!

Love Elder Legg

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