Sunday, August 24, 2014

By the End, I was Awarded Player of the Match

Sorry but I only get an hour for everything this week because I
went on an emergency transfer. I am now in a place called Asamankese,
which is not nearly as nice as Oda, which makes me pretty grumps.  But I
am now with a missionary who just came here from Liberia.  He seems ok
so far, but I have only been with him for like 30 minutes!

Tell me how the start of school goes and everything! I'm glad soccer
was sweet and the schedules are ok!

Ok so my sweet story for this week!  Got to play a sweet football match!
So we had a bi-branch soccer match that I was recruited for last week.
I was pretty much underplaying my skills when people were asking. Everyone
was laughing and expecting me to be a flop, since I'm white, I'm sure.

We played, and within the first 3 minutes I smoked some defender and
slammed a sweet shot that just ticked off the keepers hands and the
pole then out. By the end I was awarded player of the match. Some of
the people were coming up to me and asking what team I was going to
play on when I get home. And they all thought I was super in shape and
need to try out for the national team when I go home. So needless to
say, even though I got a belly and big cheeks, and I can only walk to
the refrigerator and back to bed without getting tired, I still got it!!

Oh and so mom, I got pretty sick this week, but no need to worry.  It is a
new sickness that has recently come up in Ghana. We got a pretty nasty
strain of the flu that just got out here and I have been kind of messed
up with that. It was sweet! We had a less active member and our ward
clerk that work at this hospital so my companion and I were there
visiting.  We were eating some lunch when I got hit pretty hard. I ran
to a wall and just started vomiting like crazy! Oh it was not fun to
have a bunch of nurses laughing at you!

Alright so I will be on next week now I gotta go ball it up woop woop!

Love Elder Legg

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