Monday, September 1, 2014

Taught My Brothers Well, Animal Game, & Bats/Witches/Opium

 I have not gotten the birthday packages yet but I have a possibility of getting them on Wednesday because there are transfers, but my companion and I are staying here for awhile.  I will send someone look for it Wednesday, because yeah it's super important and I wanty it!

Yeah Ebola spreads because people don't believe it is real and they just go about their lives. I won't get it so don't worry!

I went to Oda to visit, but I doubt I will serve there again. Oda was really nice, but I did not like that companion at all.  He is my worst companion so far, honestly, which is sad. But this one is super cool!  I am having a ton of fun!  My companion and I will be trying to take some pictures this week so we shall see, but I'm not sure!
We have water all the time, even when there is light off!  The biggest problem is that our toilet is outside and it takes forever to get there since it has a padlock on the door! 

Why do you have the wrap yourself around a desk kid? I never had problems with that did I?

Yeah see I have taught my brothers well.  They know how to treat their mom with love and affection, so that she knows how much they care.  And when women are looking at us they will all know how much we love you mom!! (Trav started a tradition of hugging--kissing--smothering me with his sweat after a soccer game. Now Tyson has amped it up by jumping on me, knocking me to the ground, then hugging--kissing--smothering me. I told Trav he jumped a fence & climbed into the bleachers to do it last game. Taylor always is the 1st one over to the parents and picks me up and gives me a sweaty kiss.)  I'm glad soccer is doing so well! Who are the soccer captains?

Ty:   Has Meridian always been in our league, or are they 5A?  And why did you have to kick the crap out of them??  That's awesome dude!  Who is your keeper? And you are obviously dominating on defense!

Tay: So you are enjoying FX? I told y'all you needed to try out for that stuff, even if you dont like it at first,  you will love it!  Keep it up with soccer!... Tay what position do you even play now? Hope you is having tons of fun with Hunter!

Gracie:  Sorry you don't like middle school, but you will have to deal with it.  It'll get better.  You just gotta stop the crying, put on your big boy pants(or big girl pants), and love it!  I haven't emailed because I am in Africa and we have LIGHT OFF all the gosh dang time!  I have not gotten the packages!  I got one cool one from Theresa, but that is all. That was one with socks and shorts!

Tali: My week was super cool!  We found some way sweet people to teach.  Some members fed us, and we have a ton of members that like to help us teach, which is so nice!   So are you going to the games with mom?   That must be fun!  Are you doing any sports or are you just doing voice stuff?

Ok so somethings that have been done by me, my companion, and the Lord this week.... hmmm
So last week, Monday we traveled to Oda for a zone activity.  We played basketball, volleyball, and soccer.  It was awesome. In soccer we played a long game on a big full field and I scored about a million goals. It was almost getting boring, because I was just doing too good. I didn't even know what to do with my self.  In volleyball I wasn't great, but none of us were. Our only Islander goes home in 3 weeks, so he is pretty out of shape.  And in basketball we are having a ton of sweet games and we played a game where our tallest player was 5'9" and their shortest player  was 6' and of course we won!  Hecks yes! Man it was nice!
Yesterday we got fed fufu and I just got so sick because there were 2 balls, and both were the size of my head, so it was super hard to finish.  But my companion and I did well and we had fun!

I had horrible runny tummy on... Saturday? Goodness in the morning it was horrible.  Every 15 minutes I would have to go to the toilet and I would be there for 30 minutes. I was pooping out basically strait water. 
So my companion and I have been thinking of us maybe either buying a goat or just some chickens for us to eat this month :)  That'd be kinda sweet, but it got really complicated, so I don't know if it will happen.

Mom, so I have a question for the water that you could check out for me.  When the water comes out of our faucet without going through our filter then it comes out super milky white, sometimes muddy and I have had a couple of branches come out of there.  So is that a good idea for me to keep bathing in it? I don't really know if it's sanitary. And I don't usually feel good when I get in it.  But it's not like there is any other type of water that I can get, so oh well, all's for the best! I got running water so I don't feel too bad.
 We have been putting some of our family party games into practice. We were playing the Animal Game where you walk around blindfolded with a pillow.  Yeah you know what I'm talking about! We did it for a family home evening and it was way fun. One of the girls who always helps us teach was getting angry because it took her lots of  tries before she got the right person!

So we got lost the other day, while we were trying to kill a little time between our tons of appointments.   We found ourselves walking next to a small witch forest with a bunch of bats. And I was scared, so we kept walking toward the scary river, that is covered in ivy and trees.  Upon our approach we heard some weird voices.  We had 2 options, that were really about the same thing. Either we were coming upon a scary cult church that worships juju and had a bunch of black magic that we would have to fight, or we were about to discover a witches nest in which case they too would have a ton of black magic, and we would have to fight them off.  So fearlessly, we continue our search.  We discover a couple of grass huts who were occupied by... duh duh duh yep you guessed it....... a bunch of druggies. There was just a big group of guys blazin up on some opium and marijuana.  Of course, us being super awesome missionaries, instead of just walking away we head into the lions den and contact them, invite them to church, and teach them a short lesson. Needless to say none of them came to church, and lucky for the black magicians and mommy wata that lives there they didn't have to be destroyed by our priesthood!
Ok sweet thanks mom you're the best. I gotta to go home and get some food I am starving!
I'll do my best Love you !!!!!!
Love you guys
Love Elder Legg

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