Monday, September 8, 2014

Covered in Drool & Snot ..... I Looked Like a Total Idiot!

Umm yeah I think the water is ok.... maybe... we can get wipes here so
you don't need to send them! And I really don't want to deal with bucket
showers, because I hate them! But I usually wash my face with filtered
water. And Elder Moyer has been here for like 7 months and he is doing
fine! But thanks I will try to be careful!

 Umm this week what did I do?
I think I mentioned going to the gym last week. This week we will go
again, but we worked so hard last week that I am still sore! We did
some chest and abs stuff and now I am dyin!

We got some pizza Saturday for ELder Kirkland's birthday... It wasn't spectac, but it was ok.  It was really fun because they had a bunch of signs of all of the different options.   And it was nice, but when we got them, we had all ordered something different, and they ended up all looking and tasting pretty much the same!

I got all sorts of wet this week and that was no fun! I had exchanges
on Friday with Elder Davuke. We were going to visit Sister Stella. When
we go to Sister Stella's house we have to be very careful because her
land lady hates us and told her never to let us come again. First
person we see when we get there is the land lady. So we go over to help
her fetch water. As soon as we start talking to her it begins to rain.
The land lady tells us to come inside, but problem Sister Stella has traveled. We are now stuck in this house with this old lady who keeps
giving me the stink eye. She gives us chairs on the porch because she
doesn't want to stay inside her house! Of course it isn't just a squirt
of rain, but it is, of course, a 4 hour torrent of flooding craziness! So
we sit there unable to talk because the rain is too loud. So I lean
forward and fall asleep on myself. Of course I wake up when the rain
lessens and I am covered in drool and snot and I look like a total
idiot! Ugh I guess I am really just not a good impression maker! I
don't think that lady was too pleased with me, and I just got up and
walked away out into the falling mist that was still going.

Of course that couldn't be the end of my humiliation! We keep
walking and in order to get to where we need to go, we have to cross a raging river that now covers the road. There are a few tiny patches where if you
step and jump just right you can get through safely. Elder Davuke
starts going the normal path but gets stuck halfway and cannot jump to
the other side. So I try to take a way around. I go, and my first step,
I put pressure causing the ground to give way and I fall into the
river getting my shoes and trousers soaked! Ugh. I just walked over to
Elder Davuke, picked him up, and carried him across the river. Yes,
in case you got the cross reference.........I was exactly like a pioneer!

We have met so many cool people both as investigators and as less
active members. 15 people promised they would come to church, and of
course, how many do you think did???! Ummm 1! Of course, woop woop Flippin
Seth is the bomb! He is way one of my favorite investigators and he is
only 14. He can hardly understand anything I say, so his uncle, who is
a member, usually has to translate. But Seth is going to be an example
for his whole house! Starting with us coming to see him, we now teach 9
people in that house! It is way cool!

One investigator Sister Akos looks super cool, so it can be hard to
teach her. She has a crescent moon scar starting under her lips, going
under her chin, and it has lines crossing it from the stitches, and it
looks way cool. Also she sports an afro that is black, brown, red, and
purple haha I love it! I think she understands our message, and I hope
she will follow our teachings!

 We have a member that goes with us named Daniel. He is 15 or 16, so
some missionary tried to criticize us for him not being the correct
fellow shipper for the people we were taking him too. I got pretty mad
at that missionary. I let him know that Daniel is a good translator,
that Daniel's mom and Daniel knew all the people we are taking
him to before, and Daniel is a good enough teacher that he could teach the
entire lesson without me saying anything, which is better than the
criticizing missionary can do.

I think that's what is up for today! This afternoon we will
travel down to Accra for a meeting tomorrow and I think we will be
staying in the Hills house which will be fun. Maybe I don't know
yet. I just hope the 8 hour meeting wont be as boring as it sounds
like! ;)

Yeah Julie emailed me about here brother. It's way sad! Yeah I got
a package from here like 3 weeks ago. I think I will get your
packages tomorrow! So good news is that. I got a small one (I sent the small one 2+ weeks after his birthday packages) from you and I will hopefully get the big and medium ones soon.

So the guys are doing really good at soccer, that's awesome! I enjoy hearing that! I wish I could watch them. But I will get to see Tay when I get back
and I was able to play with Tyson!

Ty: So are you pretty much the number one guy in FX aren't you! That's
so sweet dude do you get to do all of the cool stuffs? At mutual who
was better at the other genders stuff? boys or girls? Man so soccer is
sweet then? You're kinda dominating on the D aren't you! That's so sweet
you got to be the mascot! you were obviously the best! The other one
was Kevin? yeah he's definitely not as cool!

Tay: OH no why are you getting beaten by a gorilla (at a soccer game). You should have destroyed that bofloat! Flip he is lucky I wasn't on that field because I would've been bringing the woopin on the both of them! You would enjoy just chillin with the ladies! You still have a year and a half before
you can go on dates or kiss anyone so I don't know why you are so
excited for it! :P

Tali: I want to see Paiton! why am I never invited to her house?! Not
fair! And I have never done the Color Run! That's way cool!

Gracie: Hey if you need a big box for Halloween I have a huge one on my front porch!  It's from our refrigerator! It's big enough for me to be a head on a
table! (that's what she wants to be for Halloween) It's good you aren't crying at school anymore! Is it getting better or is it still horrible no good very bad? mom and dad should totally be shrek and fiona! They kind of do celebrate here, but they mostly don't celebrate it. They don't celebrate a lot of holidays here because of their dumb churches! It's stupid. Holidays are for the country and not for the church so they just need to stop being dumb! I think I might dress up so that I can show people what's up! They also can't do Trick
or Treating here because no one likes sugar, therefore no candy!

Love Elder Legg

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