Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Compared to the Streets........I Smell Great!

I have gotten extra dirty! We haven't had running water in 2 weeks and our tank has been empty for one week.  So to fetch water, we have to go on a full on excursion that takes at least 30 minutes!  For me just to be able to splash water on myself, that is way not worth it!  Honestly I haven't bathed in at least 3 days :) I did a little clean up for church, but still, come on, compared to the streets.......I smell great!  I have eaten a ton of dry indomie this week because we have no water, and some stinken missionary likes to take my eggs. 

This week there has been so much rain though!  It looked like we did hardly any work, because for 3 full days we were rained inside!  We tried going out, and I destroyed a pair of trou trying to jump over a river of water! It sucks! I looked dang good in those trou too! Hopefully the seamstress down the street, who I am going to contact, will be able to do it.  You always have to be careful who you have do your stuff! I have had many companions get their trou spoiled by tailors.  Even this one tailor had a pair of trou, that he was "working on" for 6 full months! Piece of junk!
But seriously the rain was nice because it was way cooler here for a while. Wednesday it rained really bad while we were at the church and we had to race home.  I rode my bike through a river where the water was touching my seat while I rode!  It was so sick! I couldn't see my legs, and I just kept truckin.  I passed a taxi that was stuck and couldn't open the doors! Hehe

So Exchanges are this week. Elder Azalwa Is leaving, which I am sad about. And my new companion, so far, will be an elder I haven't heard great things about.   It's going to be a hard transfer, but Ill do my best!

Ok, so you remember Beatrice the Angel seeing lady who wants to be baptized? That woman is so sick! We haven't been able to get a hold of her all week, so we were thinking she was just tricking us.  But she came on Sunday and said that her phone had been stolen.  Still sounded a little shifty, but she asked us if she could take us to her house so we knew the way and could come any time!  And she introduced us to some of her family, and 2 kids might be coming with her next week!  Also flip she's doing my wash! I had brought it to church for this other lady to take, but I didn't see her.  I was just carrying it, and she snatched it from me and wouldn't take no for an answer! Also her daughter in law is going to feed us tomorrow! Gosh I love that family! We just have a bunch of sweet people! One investigator was late to church, and he kept calling us to give us updates on where he was because he didn't want us to worry! 

Ok and something is going on where they are trying to make me pay for customs fees for each package I get. So like Wednesday, I will get one and it will cost me like 30GHC. Don't stop sending packages mind you:) 

Pish that shark is lucky it didn't try to attack me, because the news would have reported a crazy surfer eating a raw shark on the beach at Fort Lauderdale!  (I had emailed him about a shark attack where we were on vacation, same time last year, where he learned to surf)

Glad camps went well and everyone is having fun.  You know I still really want to go to Mount Rushmore! Honestly, hole in the ground 3 times, and crazy rock faces once? That doesn't really make sense!
  (We are headed to SD to Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills to visit family.  His reference to the "hole in the ground" is the Grand Canyon.  Guess we'll have to go back to SD when he gets home)

So Tali is ok right? Like nothing super bad has messed her up, and she is healing?
  (Tali fell out of a tree & punctured her heal, she will be fine)

Ty: Sheesh I haven't been to Grandpa's property in NV in forever! It's good Aaronic priesthood camp was sweet! So what all did you guys do to my truck? Paint and what else?  Is it working good or is it still working about the same? Hey keep up the good work yourself!:P

Tali: So girl tell me something! What in the world do you think you are doing falling out of a tree?!?!? When you are climbing down, you have got to be more careful than that! Gosh! You can get hit by a tree, you can run into a tree, but you can't fall out! So does your ankle look like my face did? :P I hope you are feeling better! Love ya!

Grace: Yeah, sorry, I am not really a fish guy.  Birds and rodents are a no go too, most indoor pets are too much of a hassle.  Maybe a super well trained small dog would be ok, but that's about it! um Adam's apples! EEwww no thank you! My neck is too big for it.  You don't need to be thinking anything about who you are going to marry for a long time, so just forget! :)

Tay: Um, duh, you have tons of girls liking you! Come on you look like me!  You are going to get any girl you want, so only stick with them for a long time if they are really good! Obviously you will have some crappy girls, but those you can just move on from! Remember that dating in high school is just for fun.  Not for anything to last.  And that you are searching for a bar.  The bar is something that your wife has to be higher than :)  And duh, you ate PB&J like a boss!  I love eating too!
Alright Ill let you know how everything goes with the transfer and no water!
Love Elder Legg

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