Monday, February 3, 2014

It's Hard to be this Attractive! We are just Irresistible!

Today we went to Odorgonno and I whooped on a bunch of school chumps! Also I was all postin up on Elder Nelson! He is from Shelly, ID and he is the only one as big as me, except he is taller. Don't worry I'm still fat though! And yes Elder Ogembo did get totally stuffed, and then later
knocked on his butt! He is one of my Zone leaders and I shut him down!
He is from Kenya. Not gonna lie (well maybe exaggerate a little) but I
was a total boss!...kinda

Tay: Dude how come plenty people can tell me about the super bowl,
but no one will tell me the final score?! And yes I was going for the
Seahawks! Alli is from Colorado, so I had to go against her! Dude it is
going fast! By the end of this transfer I will be 6 months old!

 Ty:  Man since I am the apartment leader I had to spend a ton of money this month for electricity and what not.  So I got reimbursed.  And I have like half of my subsistence left for just one week! Finally! Do everything you can that involves your sacred calling in the priesthood! I have given 4 or 5 blessings here. And do what you can to help others. Always magnify your calling, never try to use it to magnify yourself! 

Gracie: Since I don't get to say it Saturday: Happy birthday! Happy
birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Gracie, happy birthday to you! How old are you now? How old are you now? How old are you Gracie? how old are you now! That's how we sing the Happy Birthday song here in Ghana :) Super bowl commercials are always way funny! I do not have a tv, and I do not get to watch it! In fact I am not allowed to watch tv... shh don't tell anyone but sometimes I watch it while I am buying things in a small shop because our lady has a tv hehe, but never any american shows are on. By the way I was voting for the Sea hawks! So boom! 

 Tali: Yeah I have some serious troubles remembering songs, so you should send me all of the lyrics to just all of your favorite songs! You should have the rest of the family do it too! Ok when I get back you have to show me how to do a princess bun ok! I can cut my hair now. Did you know
that??! Last time I got a haircut I did it myself! I did a really bad
job in the back and around my ears, but the sides and the top turned
out way good! My hair is really long now, but because I keep it flat it
isn't very noticeable.  Hehe tricky tricky me. 

Don't worry mom, I cry when I get stuff from home! I just got the package with the cute little book in it.  Everyone was super jealous.  And it may or may not have made me start bawling when I was listening to it the first time.  And yes, I do listen to your page over and over.  

 Yeah I am growing up! I can cook, I can wash, I can clean, I can yell
at people that have more power than me, I can lead, I can talk to
random people and start an awesome conversation! I cook most meals... dipping my bread into a tub of blue band (butterish stuff) counts as cooking right? We were talking about how mission is horrible because there is no such thing as snacking! Now that is just horrible!

I wash all my clothes by hand! I have to do 6 white shirts every
Monday, usually some undies, and also a pair of trousers.  But the white
shirts are so hard! I do a terrible job :/
I do such a better job at cleaning stuff like dishes or the bathroom
or whatever I just do a better job! I did the bathroom today and there
are places that have not been cleaned in a really long time. And for the
first time in forever our toilet looked white!

One of my Zone leaders got their buns chewed the other day. So I am
the apartment leader and the only time anyone acknowledges it is when
they don't want to do something. So the zone leaders, last week, made an
announcement that from now on Apartment leaders need to be older
missionaries so that people will listen to them. I get 30 cedi 
to spend on apartment needs each month, so I bought 20 things of t roll.
I divided it up among companionships, so that some people wouldn't use
a ton and others be frugal. Everyone just has to worry about their
own. The zone leaders ran out early, so one of them got angry and just
starts chastising me. Telling me it's a stupid idea and I sort of just
snapped. I told him that I am doing what I think is best.  And it's his
fault that he isn't responsible. I also may have said that he was the
one complaining that the older missionaries won't listen to younger
missionaries, because they think they are better. Needless to say,
everyone was kinda shocked and I totally finished him. I have taken control of my apartment. Kinda not really, but I will make
some changes after transfers on Wednesday. 

 Apparently my companion and I are really attractive! Thursday we
contacted a lady because she was yelling to my companion that she
loves him.  Then Friday during a lesson at our bar, this lady told me I
was just too handsome and she couldn't handle it. Then yesterday we
went to a party, and this scary old lady with a beard grabbed me and
started dancing with me. I am not saying we danced together, but she
latched on to me and was using me like some sort of strip pole. Not ok!!
I think I might have to get another worthiness interview because that
was a little inappropriate! The rest of my district just ran away and
laughed at me. On the way back from the party another old lady stopped
us and started soliciting herself to my companion! She said "oh I am
very good for you!" Agh! Then we even had to give them our number, thank
goodness we had a pass along card, so we could just give them that and
hope they wouldn't call us! Ugh, its hard to be this attractive, we are
just irresistible.

Oh and Elder(name withheld to protect the innocent!!),on the way home pooped his pants! He is just one MTC session before me, so only 6 weeks ahead of me. But we were coming back, and his fart turned into runny tummy, and he had to rush back to the apartment!hahahahahahha!!!! Oh man he pooped his pants! It was just small, but still counts, and it was awesome! 

 Transfers this week! I was soo worried that I was going to leave Elder
Allen, but the only person in our apartment that is leaving is Elder
Thornhill. And guess who comes to replace him??! Elder Hoskins! Elder
Allen's trainee and one of my best friends from the MTC! I am so excited! He is from Malad, Idaho. (that makes 3 missionaries from Idaho!) This next 6 weeks are going to be so much fun! And when this transfer ends I should be about 6 months on mission! 

 I am way good at teaching Muslims! Just make them teach you. Then they
have to listen, and you let the spirit testify of your words. I really
want to get a hold of a Koran, and these a sweet hooded nightgown
looking things! Sooper cool!

 I ate some fish the other day. The people here call them dry fish, but
I call them zombie fish. If you take a fish, and picture it as a zombie-
all bent, and has holes in it, and it tastes like dirt, that was it. I
ate the heads like a boss! Zombie fish, kenkey, and pepe. Not many
missionaries can do that. So I like it :) Is that weird, or just the
usual me?

 Love you guys!
 Love Elder Legg

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