Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Death Threats, Dehydration, and Sludge.....All in a Week's Work

Ok, so I have a challenge for you followers out there!   I have been trying to be creative and think of good things to say, but man its difficult!  I have stories about seeing a drunk guy beating some cows, about the completely naked fat lady bathing in the sewers, and having my life threatened twice this week!   But I don't know what you want to hear!   So I guess I kind of have 2 requests.  
 1:   I want you to ask me questions about what's going on.   You can email them them to me (travis.legg@myldsmail.net), or you can just send them to my mom, and she can send them to me.  
 2:  I want you to try to stump me with the gospel or the scriptures!  I have been wanting to think of questions people might ask me, but it will be much more productive if real people ask me questions!   So I want to see what you can come up with!

Holy cow!!!!!  That's freaking crazy you guys got to go on TV?!?!?!? That is so lucky!  I have been to a news station before, but I never got to be on TV!  I went and saw Scott Dorval the weather man.  Goodness that must have been so much fun!  What were your favorite parts? I got all of the pictures, but I can't get the video to play.  I got to it, but it won't actually go :(   It looks super cool, and of course, My sisters were the ones that got picked! I mean come on!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How old are you now?  Sheesh you are almost old enough to be a grandma!   Oh wait, I turn 20 this year!  You could pretty easily have been a grandma right now!   Wow are you feelin it?? :)  Betcha miss me now, huh!??  I love you mom!   Don't worry I know you are my young mom, and tali's old mom!  I hope you had a sweet birthday meal!  I am going to have a big party when I turn 20.  I will get a cake, and I have some candles already! sweetness! Yeah you should come so we can spend my 21st birthday in Africa together!

This week I got 4 packages!   I got Julie's! I got Uncle Mike's (&Donna's)!  I got Uncle Lance's!  And I got the Valentine's day one from you & the Reese's! (We all mailed them weeks apart, one was even sent back in Dec. Go figure he'd get them all the same week??)  Oh man it was so fun to open them and have a little party in my room.  I got a hat, some towels,  soccer ball,  books, some drink stuff,  pens, some letters, all kinds of super awesome stuff!   THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!   It is so great to get things from home!
I read through that effective missionary book that I was sent.  I am going to be trying a few things that were in it this week.   Actually I am going to try some of them in about 30 minutes! I will practice with Chris, and then I will improve it for family home evening tonight!  Thanks so much for the sweet Ideas and all the other awesome stuff everyone sent me!

Gracie: Sheesh that is such a sweet experience Lucky! I bet you had so much fun! You guys looked way cute in your audition photos!  I was looking at them and I didn't believe that you were actually auditioning for something.  What the what!  Sheesh that is way cool! 'Ill try to get some pictures of me flipping.  Right now no one in my apartment can flip me because I'm kinda fat!  Oops, oh well I'll see what I can do!

Tali:  That is way cool! So are you going to get to go and see Spencer Blake later when he returns, or what is the deal with that?  Man I am just green with jealousy right now hehe! Sheesh Tali you are just so cool huh!

Tay:  No you didn't tell me about the author!  Did you get me a signed poster?!   You just say oh and can I get one for my brother he's in Africa right now!  Boom instant more free stuff!  Sorry you are sick bro, anything you need me to do to help you feel better? Oh and by the way Happy Birthday on Friday!! When is Ty gonna take you to your first stake dance? And I don't care if either of you think they are lame YOU ARE GOING!!!! as soon as there is one!

Ty:  Hey Tay is turning 14, you need to take him to the next stake dance ok! And make sure he dances with some cute girls! I went at 18, so you have no excuses for you being old or it being boring just go! Pacho! That's please in Twi.  It sounds exactly like poncho, but without the n.

Ok, so the happenings! 
Elder Nelson got Emergency transferred.   A few weeks ago our office elders had something to do with an accident, or they saw an accident, or something weird.  And so they got moved to Texas, and then to Sierra Leon. So that whole mess has been all over!  Now we have a ward missionary staying with us, and he is pretty cool. He doesn't talk that much though.  His name is Brother Flomo.

A few weeks ago Elder Allen shredded his fingers and his wrist while washing.  And one of our investigators got mad, so she "forced" us to bring our clothes to her place for her to wash them while we went to Cafe.   She also dried them, and it was so nice!  My clothes haven't been this clean since I bought them.  And I definitely will never get good enough at cleaning them to make them like this.
We were going to take them there again this week, but bad news-----somewhere a pipe broke.  So like all of our area is out of water!   No one in our ward has it.  We got it on for like 8 hours a few days ago, but that is it!   Bucket showers it is!  Man that is no fun, and we are all getting really dehydrated.  Pretty close to the only water we drink is when an investigator offers us some.  We could buy our own pure water, but we don't have 2 cedis just floating around.  We could also use our water filtering bottles, but I don't have an hour to suck on a bottle!

Ok, so drunk guy beating cow.   He  was stumbling around in the bush as we just watched him when he cam upon a cow in his path.   He was so drunk that he didn't realize that he could just go around the cow.  So he proceeded to walk into it, multiple times.   Finally, he got frustrated and started slapping the cow which didn't care, so he searched the ground got a big stick and just wailed on it until it moved.  Ah some people are just so creative!

Naked lady.  I was riding my bike down the street, and to my surprise what do I see?  A fat naked lady looking at me.  She was only like 2 feet high, because she was standing in the gutter.   She reached down and pulled out a bucked filled with black and white sludge..... what would you do with a bucket of sludge? Me??  I'd dump it out.  Her??  She would also dump it out, the only difference is is that she dumped it out on her head... ewwwww!  Yeah like 3 of me fat and completely butt naked!

Death threats.  I was riding my bike when a construction worker yelled at me to stop.  I went over to him, and he told me that he saw me the night before riding like this! ( he shook his hands back and forth, so that I could tell I was driving poorly). Then he told me that if he saw me doing that again he'd kill me.  So right when I was about to chew this guy out, a little Chinese lady comes over chews his butt and tells him he was stupid!  Aw, sooo awesome!
Love Elder Legg

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