Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No One Likes Scary Stuff Popping Up In Their Soup!

So far this transfer has been pretty good :)  I don't get to see Hoskins too much, mostly because his companion hates me.  Ah so awesome!   The three of us were talking after church.  Elder Ogembo came over all ticked off and starts trying to chastise us.  But I told him that public chastisement is rude and over all ineffective, since it will only bring contention, not change.   Needless to say 10 minutes later he took me off to the side and had some harsh words with me.   He told me I am a bad missionary and he asked "Elder what's wrong with you?" I thought that was kind of rude.  He told me I have an attitude and that I need to be humble.  I let him know that I had an investigator waiting and that he was wasting my time.  I got stuff to do, places to go, and people to see.   Ah soo fun!

There is so much junk with boundaries here.  No one is ever at their homes.  And all the people you meet live somewhere else.   We Had to give up a solid investigator because he live like 20 feet outside of our boundary/ stake!   But because of our faith in giving him up, since it was the right thing to do, we got to meet Brother Alex.   He is way cool!  He has come to church like 5 or 6 times already and he is going to be baptized next Saturday woo!   He has friends at his work that feed him a bunch of junk about the church, but he defends it fearlessly.

My favorite/ the most common misconceptions about the church here.
1.  We chant saints
2.  We call evil spirits
3. We drink blood
4. When we sin we cut our necks and let the blood pour out for repentance!
WHAT???  Oh it's so fun finishing those doubts.

We had a funeral this week, so the last 3 days there have been hundreds of people at our place.  Last night there were over 500.   They couldn't fit in our compound.  There were tables, and chairs, and tents, and portapotties set up out in the streets!   There was a fish whose head was about the size of my torso!   We got plates stacked with food.   They had probably over 100 crates of beer, and the neighbor's entire porch was stacked with them.   They had a huge jug even this morning.   That one was about the same size as the fish head.   They had a ton left over, so everyone that lives in our compound (except missionaries mind you) were  wasted before 8am.  Wooo party till the break of dawn!   We also may, or may not have stolen a few boxes of mineral... shh.   Oh and we got a mug and a bottle opener with Mommie's picture and information on it.   Mommie is the name of the person who died.

Also for eating, our investigator, who owns a bar, had us come for fufu today.  And then she told us to bring our clothes next week so she could wash them :)   We'll see.   Is it weird that I am basically a regular at a bar now?  Nah!

Am I getting anything for St. Patrick's Day?  Elder Nelson got a package from his date, which was super cute.  There were pictures, and candies, and a shirt that had her picture on it.  Needless to say, he didn't like all of that mushy stuff.  I would though!! So question, am I getting one of those hand shirts that we send to Grammy and Grandpa all the time?  That would be kinda flippin awesome!!   I got all of Uncle Pat's ties and I wear them all the time!

That's super cool that Spencer talked about you on the news!   When you girls send him your letter, you should let Spencer Blake know that your brother, who is currently living in Africa, would like a shout out too ;) My companion was also pretty jealous when I read him the story!
Gracie:  Sheesh you got all kinds of cool stuff for your birthday!  Lucky!  How can you say yuck to Tucanos? That's for sure more meat than I have had since I have been here. I would love to have a bunch of good chicken hearts!  Actually I think Elder Allen might have eaten one earlier today.  But I'm not sure that it tasted very good.   It was just a scary little lump of meat in his soup.  That's always a heart dropping feeling.   No one likes scary stuff popping up in their soup! 

Woo so yeah I had a party week and this train has no breaks!  All aboard the party train!  My name is Elder Legg and I will be your tour guide on this adventure through nonstop fun!
Love Elder Legg 

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