Monday, December 8, 2014

That is the Way I Choose My Ties & Pens

Ok so basically no time!  I got to the church at 4:30am just so I could email because our preparation day is going to be cut short because we are traveling to Accra this afternoon.

I have no idea, it varies. (I asked how long his letters and packages were taking to get to him) I can get them within 10 days, or I can get them after 2 months.  Being in the bush doesn't help.  Because added to the postage time, is the sitting in the office, and being transported to me time, which usually takes a while.

So you want to know about my ties and pens.  Ok so the pens are the last part of the equation. First, it starts with a look at the events of the day.  If I want to look nice and wear a tailored shirt, or if I just need to look regular and wear a regular shirt.   Then I shirt up.  I then have my ties divided into 2 sections in my closet.   Worn and not worn.  So that way I wear every single tie before I wear one again.   Then with a slim shirt, I pick a nicer tie.  Or with a regular shirt, I pick a regular nice tie.   I have very few ties that are not nice, but now I just have the good and the better.   So after a tie has been picked and added to the body apparel, I go to my bag of pens and pick one that matches in the way I wish.  Sometimes if there isn't really a matching one  I will just pick a color pen that hasn't been used in a while.  But that is the way I choose my ties and pens!   A very meticulous process! (we noticed his different pens in his pictures & we all tried to guess how he picked them, so we had him explain)
Thanks for putting the money in mom it will help a ton I'm sure!
I am gonna go get ready for Accra.  Sorry I don't have time, but I love you all and miss you!
Love Elder Legg

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