Monday, December 1, 2014

Some Serious Munchin on Some Serious Grindage!

For Thanksgiving we had 15 liters of ice cream, a couple of pineapples, a bunch of po po, a bushel of bananas, a peck of plantain chips, and a morsel of "meat pies."   We mixed it all together in our bowls and just did some serious munchin on some grindage!  It was fun we all got together in the evening and we had a nice eatery!  I really wanted to  have a turkey bowl but we couldn't get a hold of an American football.  It was fun, but we didn't get to have much of an activity. So hopefully our plans for Christmas will go well and then we will have a great party!

Man I really wish I could have gone black Friday shopping!  Man it is so much fun and you get good stuff! Yeah I wasn't wanting the computer now! I was planning on getting it with you next year. I need to pick it out and make sure you get a good one :) but yeah 200$ for a 50" does sound pretty sweet! What is happening to the old tv? That big, old silver one does sound like it would look real nice in my room!

YAYYY baby!!!!  Woop woop, so mom tell me how real does it feel that your son is totally old enough to have a child and you could be a Grandmother? Because I am even older than Erin and she's poppin out kids!  So guess what?  You're next! woop woop!
When is Brittany's baby supposed to come?

Yeah the bush is really good, it's a lot cleaner, it's a lot cooler, but what bugs me about it is you don't have access to a lot of the things that you have access to when you are in the city. If power is out Monday then you don't get to email home. They don't sell a lot of the food stuff you want.

Tay:  What do you mean you don't have a lot to say? Out of the kids you wrote the most!  But you do realize you did a whole bunch of stuff this week. You just treat it like it's normal, but really there was at least one activity everyday that to me would sound cool, whether you cleaned your room or hung out with a friend or watched a movie or ate some food!  To me that is sweet!

Tali: My Thanksgiving was pretty awesome and we had a whole bunch of fun all day teaching people about it! How was your Thanksgiving? Are you excited to be back in school?

Gracie: I'm glad you enjoyed that movie! Umm for thanksgiving I ate a bunch of Ice cream with all kinds of fruit and crumbly stuff mixed in it it was super cool! Did you tell the Reese's that they need to have another kid so that you can have some people to play with?

Ty: So you got a sick suit!  Put it on and send me some pics! Bro you should just start taking pics with whatever you are doing, just random stuff, and then send it to me that'd be cool. Also you can take some pics of your bedrooms and send them to me! Yeah and how/who invited you to go to the BSU game with such great tickets?

So this week... ugh I had a good one and now I cant remember anything!!!! Ok here we go. 
So my companion and I had a lot of fun this Thanksgiving teaching people completely wrong what the holiday is for! My companion can speak English very well.  Most Filipinos speak English and he is from a pretty wealthy family, so he has a good education. We were talking about a mission in the Philippians, and my companion knows the area. He said that in that mission an average place is much better than our best place here in Ghana.

One of our investigators, Sister M, is way not serious.  We have been working with her for a while. She started getting really serious, but then we found out a bunch of her secrets and she stopped being serious!  Secrets like her "husband" is really just a super player, and she isn't married to him, she is just one of his concubines. So she was kinda being a bum on Thursday, so we asked her if she was having a nice holiday. Of course she didn't know what holiday we were talking about.  We let her know about Thanksgiving and she was amazed.  We said it's a world wide holiday and it's really sad that she doesn't celebrate it.  We gave the background of it, on how it came about because the world wanted to show their thanks to God on a special day. So they made the holiday Thanksgiving, and anyone who doesn't celebrate it must not be that thankful to God. She realized it was true and she began to celebrate it right then!  It was fun, and we helped her to really understand what it is about.  But most people here think celebrating holidays is just a weird thing to do and they don't like to do it.

I know I have grown a bunch spiritually and I notice it, but I feel a lot more like I am just exhausted spiritually. When we study the neighbor next door is blasting "gospel" music (which really just invites satan in because it's so terrible) out of his industrial sized speakers. In the evening when I am trying to prepare for sleep, and all night while I'm trying to sleep, the Church across the street has all night prayers where they scream and speak in tongues.....also through their many industrial speakers! While we proselyte we are verbally abused and insulted by every young single adult aged man we find. Most of our lessons the people refuse to listen to us, or are just not mentally able to grasp the concept that God has a body! But it's no big deal if I get a good night's sleep I can handle anything. If I don't get a good night's sleep then it usually ends up with some Ghanaian boy lookin like a total fool in front of all of his friends. And then they all make fun of him instead of me... maybe not always the best response, but I am trying my best!
I have kind of gotten pretty blunt when I give commitments, when I know they are not serious about that commitment. Most of the time when you ask them if they will do something they say, "if God permits."  Man and I just nail them. Oh are you sure, that means if I come back and you don't have an answer to your prayers then you are blaming God? Or if I then follow up, and they say they are still praying to know, and that God hasn't answered them. I let them know that either they haven't prayed at all, or when they pray they don't care what God has to say because he has promised to answer us every time we ask! It gets brutal sometimes, but they always know I'm right, so they kind of feel bad, and it makes it easier for us to drop them if they are not serious.

Would it be possible for you to put some money in my account? Hehe, you know Christmas is coming and I don't have plenty, so I need some for our Christmas outfits, my Christmas hair, and our Christmas party. It's kind of an expensive holiday! Thanks mom I love you you're the best!

Oh well sorry, but out of time today! I hope everything is well and I miss you guys a bunch! Thank you so much! 
Love Elder Legg

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