Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Didn't Shower or Shave for 8 Days… It Was Great!

Email from 12/16
Happy happy birthday Tali dear, happy days will come to you all year, if I had a wish then it would be a happy happy birthday to you from me!
Afishiapaa!!! Happy Birthday!
I hope you're enjoying! You are now entering the double digits and I am about to enter the single digits until I return home! (because he has 9 months left) See you soon!

Email from 12/18
I sent off a few quickies Monday. We only got a few minutes because the internet was down and yesterday the power was off, but I get this out now so good luck!

The Trip to Accra was terrible! :P My goodness:  rode in a trotro 3 hours each way, got really bored, and really hungry the whole time!  But also it was wonderful!  I slept all 3 hours of each trotro ride.  We didn't eat plenty, but the small that we did eat was very delicious.  And the best part was we got to finally watch Meet the Mormons!  And it was suuuper good! (A movie out in theaters here about the diverse lives of 6 different families---one is getting a missionary ready to head to South Africa--hit a little too close to home for me)

Oh yeah and with packages, I got number 1 and number 3. But not package number 2 so I'm not sure where that went. I did get the Christmas Card and that was super cute! I enjoyed how it totally looked like a graduation announcement, but for our whole family!

TY:  Man you are always going out for fun activities with your friends! I was always just staying in with friends! Where do you get money for all the shenanigans?
Tay:  It's a good thing you are enjoying Choir! Man I miss it! But it's cool because your totally rockin it up and all the chicks are so all over you!
Gracie:  Sheesh you got to go to the botanical gardens? Lucky! I don't even remember the last time that I got to go there!!!
Tali: I hope your birthday was really nice and you enjoyed everything!  Know that you are getting too old and you need to stop!  If you keep getting older, that means I have to keep getting older.  Which means imma have to get married, and have kids, and move out of the house! I can't do that or then I can't take care of you!

Hey! So good news Christmas is comin soon and I am super excited. We had our district meeting yesterday.  We spent an entire hour getting  the preparations set up and assigned, so this better work or we will have put a whole lot of work into this for nothing.  But we got all the money ready for it, and I don’t think there is a whole lot left to do. The important things for now are we have to find some members who are willing to cook for us!

This week we still haven’t had water. Oops, if you don’t know what I’m talking about that’s totally my bad.  So um we are on to week 3 of having no water. Sometimes we have to go down the street to fetch some out of a dirty little well.   A few times my companion and I have traveled to the other missionary’s apartment to be able to bath.  Hehe last week I didn't shower or shave for 8 days… it was great! I looked like some scary wild man!  There wasn't really hardly any beard, but there was a bunch of dirt all over me and my hair looked really nice!

You're telling me about this wonderful Assistant, but you haven't sent me any pictures, nor have you had her email me or at least get me her email. How old is she by the way? But yeah really I'm in. Set me up! 

It's funny how back home if your 19 and you aren't ready to go out on a mission, you don't.  Here most Africans don't come out until they are like 22.

Love Elder Legg

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