Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ebola-----Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat!!

We don't have Ebola here, but really there isn't a whole lot I can do.  But we are being careful. I have only heard a little bit, but they have been talking about it down in Accra. It's kinda freaky, but I'm not very worried. I would rather survive Ebola than have to transfer missions to the USA honestly. 
We have to shake hands with about a million people everyday. They told us to wash our hands. We asked them with what water??? And then they stopped telling us to wash our hands. They told us to take our doxy.  We asked them if doxy prevents Ebola???  And then they stopped telling us to take our doxy.  They said to sleep under our bed nets. We asked them if blood was in the air???  Then they stopped talking about Ebola, and went to malaria protection.  Hehe ugh they don't know what they are doing.  So on the Ebola front, just so everyone is aware, I am not worried and it isn't going to bother me because I'm a super missionary and ain't nobody got time for dat!!!  (Typical Travis response)

Gracie: Yeah there is just a lot more rain here than in the other places. So I guess there is more shade. There are no cool animal anywhere here!!! Goodness!  I'm glad you had a ton of fun in Oregon!
Tyson:  Flip you are coming up on your senior year?!?! Gosh! Send me all your senior pics as you are taking them! Dude that is so cool! Gosh do you feel old? Are you feeling like the guy ruling the school?
Taylor: Sheesh high adventure is way fun, right?! I have decided I want to be a young mens leader because I want to woop on all you guys there! Sorry about your ankle, but such is the life of an uber boss am I right? Freak braces and soccer tryouts! Are you worried? Because you shouldn't be! You are going to do awesome!

I email at the cafe like always! Oda is a little city out in the middle of the bush. They don't have everything, but they have most of the normal stuff.  My house is regular. It is the 2nd best house I have been in, but we also don't have running water, so I have to fetch water out of a well if I want to get water.  Good news for that is that we should be getting a tank put in this week then the water will be running.  This is pretty much the same as before, but the village is smaller and the area has a ton of trees everywhere! There is more shade because there are a lot of clouds all the time.  It is a little bit cooler, but it is still way hot!  Um, not very many animals. I saw chickens, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, birds, cows. Plenty!

I got away from most of the guys that I didn't like.  Being senior companion is a joke so I don't really care :) it just means people will try to yell at me more!
Yeah hmm what did I do this week? I'm not too sure. I know I am getting way popular here which is sweet! I have had nearly 1 person every day this week ask to marry me which is really flattering! Even today the 80 year old mommy selling tomatoes asked for my hand in marriage :) you know I got that!

People have been enjoying feeding me, so I have gotten fed a lot.  You were asking if fufu is what they eat a lot, but for that one it can take a while to make, so one of the most common foods we eat here is called ampesi.  It's boiled yam, cocoyam, and plantain then dipped in a stew. Preferably a really sweet garden egg stew! mmm

So for my laundry, we have a solution already! Elder Forrest has a super cool investigator/ future recent convert named Bill.   Bill is 13 years old, super ripped, and super smart. He has been offering to do our wash and we enjoy it. We wanted to pay him, but he said he wouldn't accept any money, so I cooked him breakfast instead! He just comes to our house, we bring the stuff outside, then we pick it off the dry line in the evening.  He is actually accompanying us around all day which is way fun! I had him on my bike with me when we were riding to the market and a ton of people were yelling nasty things at us! A couple of guys tried to get a security guard at a government shop to stop us by saying it was illegal to ride 2 people on a bike.  But too bad for them, the guard is my friend so he just laughed and waved!

We go out to a village called Asene and it is way cool!   It's like 45 minutes away from the church by car. I really like going there because there are a lot of sweet people there! We only go once a week, but I call people there like very day! I make a lot of phone calls now!  On Saturday I made like 50 phone calls it was nice! They limited us to 400 minutes a month and 20 texts. Neither of those are enough. I get 13 minutes a day. I have to call my investigators in the morning, then right before the appointment, then in the evening to remind them of commitments. Each call is 1-2 minutes so I talk at least 20 minutes a day.  Also all of our texts go to reporting our numbers, so we can't even send referrals or anything it's a bunch of junk and they don't know what they are doing.

Yeah so I am having tons of fun and we will be enjoying a bunch of jollof rice tonight with Bill so Love yall!
Love Elder Legg

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