Tuesday, July 15, 2014

EEEEWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! (GROSS!) (you've been warned)

Ok, so as a start, I will begin with my apology. Because I didn't do really anything this week because I have been deathly ill with a case of awodemi (aka I got a cold).  But it has given me this one great story....
So for those of you that have been along this journey from the beginning, you may remember about 9 months ago when I learned what exactly it took to become a real missionary.  And then 6 months ago I was a witness to someone else completing that task and entering into the elect brotherhood.  3 days ago, I myself made the pact, signed the deed, and fulfilled the act of becoming a REAL missionary. 
Here's what happened......
So I have been sick this week with a runny nose and a terrible cough for a few days.   I wouldn't last longer than a minute without a coughing spasm.  Also standing was accompanied by exceeding dizziness, so I spent a lot of time lying in my bed. 

One day at about 5 pm, I was experiencing some irregular gastric disturbances in my belly!   So my smell chased my companion out of the room, and he opened all of the windows and doors. I decided to try to stop, so I could get a little rest. I closed my eyes, when without warning a horrible coughing fit struck me.  It looked like I was having some sort of seizure.  In an attempt to gain control over my throat, I lost concentration on all other parts of my body... thus causing my buttocks to release a disgusting shart... but without the art part.  For those of you who have yet to catch my drift, what I'm saying is I pooped my pants!   Woop woop!!  Yeah you know that's what's up!  I ran to the bathroom to clean myself up, quickly washed my bottoms, and then proceeded through out the day to wear a towel, until my clothes dried!  It was pretty awesome!
My stomach was so bad that none of my food was digested, and there was full on a big chunk of tomato stuck in my knickers when I removed them!
Other than that, everything is good and we got water!!!... in our tanks downstairs and outside.  So yeah nothing running but at least I can bathe!

Here one of the greatest services I can give, is allowing others to serve me!   So yeah I haven't cooked hardly at all this week!  I have these investigators that love to cook.  So, of course, I let them!  I just give them supplies during the day, then they call me later to pick it up, and I come when I can.  Back home people will do like a midnight Denny's run, but here I do a 9:30 joll of rice run!  Woop woop! Too bad she definitely spoiled the rice last night, but it's ok.  What was left was still ok!
Tali:  Gosh  I miss buying things at yard sales!  When I get home, if there are any left still going, we are going to all of them!  Also we are hard core hitting Black Friday sales!

Ok and mom, we have a problem!  I was trying to withdraw the money from the atm, and it said I withdrew it, but no money came out.  When I checked my balance again, the money I had tried to take out, was gone. Sooo I have the receipts, and I took them  inside the bank, but they wouldn't help. They just said I need to talk to my bank back home!  So what should I do??!  I told my companion that if this had happened back home, I totally would have taken you to the bank with me!

Love Elder Legg

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  1. Thank you for the great laugh. This is elder Carson's mom. I love reading about your experiences.