Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Mushroom Cloud of Vomatrocious Stench

Um so yeah, sorry about the last week (he got cut off), but power here has been a killer, because they are trying to get it on during the World Cup and off when we need to go email our families!  This place has been so jacked lately!  We went all over to find a cafe with a  generator and then they ran out of petrol! What the what!??

(This is left over from the email he couldn't send on 6/23/14)
Sheeesh you guys' outside showers are nice!  (at Swalboski's on our trip to the Black Hills) When I can get pics I'll get you a pic of me showering outside!  It's a little bit different than what you went through, but no problem!
Goodness four wheeling, and faces (Mt. Rushmore), and animal gardens, and all of this!  Man my stories are going to sound dumb this week!  Let's see what did I do... um well I stepped in a puddle!
When I get home I don't think I will even be able to drive a car.  So mom if you were doing a four wheeler, then I think you were doing pretty good!

Yeah oh mom you want to know about the super attractive 19 year old girl that wished me Happy Father's Day? It was a code for her real desire, which was to say ,"Elder Legg I Love You!"   That's what you want now mom? (not sure what gave him that idea??) Ok, no problem! Well then there is this girl, who lives just down the street from the church who is super into me.  She is kind of like an investigator, except for the investigating part haha. We just like hanging out with her friend, who is the real investigator.

We haven't really done anything yet today, except we went for a big meeting and then it was boring and not everyone even showed up.  So we just spent like 2 hours partying with the YSA, but they are crap, so Brother Charles, a super stud from Nigeria, was trying to get stuff going.  But flip, these Ghanaian guys got no game. They have no idea how to talk to girls or do anything!

.................Here's the email exchange we had about YSA before he sent the rest of his story:
Me:  The mishes are supposed to mingle??  Or the locals??  & I though YSA stood for yellow spotted asparagus! 
Trav:  Umm mom please, they don't let the yellow spotted asparagus go on missions!   Only the red ones. Flip! Please stay with the times!
Me:  Yea, I was afraid I had missed an announcement or two.  I can still remember when it was just the little green striped ones that could go.  My how times have changed!!
Trav:  Yeah, the world is a movin' for sure!
(I'm always glad when he emails & I can hear his sense of humor is still in tact)

The rest of his email......
So today we had a big young single adult (YSA) activity at the church. It was stake wide, so there were plenty of people. The whole point of this activity is to mingle, and help get some single adults get unsinglized!  But we have some problems with that.

Boys problems:
1. They cant talk to girls
2. They have no style
3. Training for football is more important than impressing a girl

Girls problems:
1. They are all silent and shy
2. Half of them are hiding in the kitchen preparing the treat
3. If they like you, they ignore you, but flirt with your friend

As you can see, this makes for a severely dis functional party!  There is one boy named Charles, who is all the man at the entire party.  He gets all the girls, and he deserves them, because he is the only on doing anything!  He was trying his best to get the party going, but these kids just do not like to participate!  So we eventually had to leave.

So I think you have heard about black eggs.  When you crack them open, and they are so rotten, that the inside is black and it explodes all over everything!   My companion has been on mission for 20 months and has never heard of that.  So the other day,  he went into the kitchen to begin cooking himself some delicious food.  As he went to crack himself some eggs, the unthinkable happened!   His perfectly new egg exploded into a million pieces of black filth.  And out from the filth billowed a mushroom cloud of vomatrocious stench.  My companion screamed, opened the window, and began projectile vomiting into the neighbor plot :)   Hehe!!  Oh my gosh! It was the best!!  He rushes in to tell all of us his story of the black egg, thinking it was a once in a life time opportunity.   But then all the other guys open up with their list of times when it had happened to them. 
Black eggs are a pretty common occurrence in my life! I mean freak, if you are trying to keep 30 eggs out in the open for 7 days, it is not gonna work out for you very often!  But we do what we can!

(I asked him what he needed/wanted for his birthday in Sept.)
Flip, ummmmmmmmmm, I'm not sure what I want.   I need to think about it more!  It's hard to think of something that you want when you don't have anything around to inspire you! 
Love Elder Legg

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