Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Mailing Address & March Madness

Yes, there is a new address.  They are moving the mission office (that no one uses) closer to president's house so the post office that they use is going to change   But for about the next 6 months they will go to both, so you can  just switch now, but anything already sent should get here!  
Elder Travis Legg
Ghana Accra West Mission 
PMB  CT  209  
Accra Ghana 
West Africa

So far Elder Allen, Elder Hoskins, and I have been spending our free time making up sweet adventure stories!  Last week we went to Utah state to visit Elder Allen, and we met some girls and they were basically a band, and we went to church there. FHE was to a lake with a really cool rock climbing place next to it!  And currently we are at a super cool resort thing in New Zealand where everything is all inclusive, so we have some ridiculousness happening.   And the concierge who is named either Connie, Chelsea, or Evelynn, she has a triple identity because she was trying to figure out if Elder Allen liked her. But she is making us dress up as modern day super heroes!

How much was Tay's ottoman?   We do realize I bought mine for like $5 at a yard sale! I bet skiing was crazy awesome! I can't wait till I can go again! 2015-2016 season pass would be ok, just so you know mom. ;)
Tali/Gracie:  You know what, that drink kind of tasted like mud too, so don't worry! (from the previous pictures)

Ty/Tay: Yeah I have a lot of foods that had better be waiting for me when I get home!  The item added to the list today was pot stickers!  I'm talking a huge bowl of them, so that I can just eat them like popcorn!  Tay will love stake dances, so find him some cute girls that he can dance with!  When he gets into high school try to do a lot of things with him, or else you will go on mission and wish you had done a lot more! Sorry man I should have spent more time with you. Thanks for being on my state soccer team though! I was really grateful for that! You are the bomb bro!  You know I didn't really understand why you would want to look up to me, because I always looked up to you! 

I have stolen a lot lately!  We stole a big box of dishes out of Elder Hoskin's room while they were out. Also Elder Allen and I stole pretty much all of the dishes from the kitchen this week }:)   If people can't wash their gosh dang dishes, then I guess they don't deserve to have them!  Flippen ridiculous when you've got a 23 year old man who is getting his dishes stolen because he is too lazy to walk out to the poly tank and wash them off!

Hmm what happened this week? Sheesh it was a pretty regular and quiet week!  Just a sec let me see what I can come up with...
Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  March Madness started! How did I forget that?  I have been reading the Book of Mormon, like some sort of lonely kid with no friends!  So now you all have the rest of March to start and finish the Book of Mormon!  This challenge comes from me to you!  It's a race, but still make sure you know what you are reading, and you are not just skimming the pages!  I've done some math, people can finish the book in 24 hours.  So that means you need to read less than an hour a day.   To read it in a week though, you need to read about 77 pages a day... I want to, but I am at day 3 and I am only on page 78 oops. Let's see what y'all got!  Hopefully I can email that I am finished within the next week or two!  But prepare yourselves for next year, because I think I can read the Book of Mormon 4 times in a month. That is going to Blow Elder Hoskins' mind! Oh sorry, yeah he is in the competition too (about page 30 psh haha) just kidding he is doing good, but we are the only ones in the apartment doing it!

Ok I may or may not have gotten to watch a little Fresh Prince of Belaire this week, and yes it is super freaking funny! Wow I didn't realize I had been missing so much!

AGH why am I so boring?  I guess we just spent a lot of time working this week except not really! We did do more work than the last couple of weeks though. Elder Kagoza called Elder Allen in yesterday, all surprised like, and asked him what happened and why our numbers were so good.  All we could answer with was that we talked about it last week, and we tried a little harder to do more work this week.

Oh ok, so there is a woman who is a frequent at our cafe, but we don't know her name.  Chris has been asked plenty of questions about our church by her, so he tried to refer her to us a few weeks ago but nothing happened.  I took it upon myself to contact her and basically force her to become an investigator.... 

Yeah that ended like this:   "Hey how are you? I'm Elder Legg", blah blah blah interesting conversation about where she lives if she wants us to come visit her, and some small stuff about me so that she would feel comfortable.  

Then boom, me: "Do you have any questions about anything right now?" 

Her:   "Oh sure how do you feel about slavery?"... "Some people try to blame it on their forefathers, do you blame your forefathers and say it has nothing to do with you, or do you just take responsibility?"... "Someone in England said that the whites were ashamed for what they had done, are you ashamed?"... 

Then Chris tries to step in and change the subject/ save me, but she would have none of that!  The butterfly was relentless in her attack, trying to flank me and force me into the corner.

 I decided there was only thing to do," Yes I am ashamed!  Slavery was a terrible thing that I wish had never happened!  Oh how I wish I could turn back the clock, and take back those things that people, I don't know, and have never met, did that terrible thing! What can I ever do to help?" 

She replied with: "You could apologize, and then when you go home you could say something about it!" " 

Me:  "Ok ma'am, I am sorry for those things that those people did! When I get home I will say something :)" 
Finish, she left all grumps, and Chris was amazed. He told me how he wanted to blow up on her and was so surprised that I kept my cool in such a way!  Yes nailed it!

Another occurrence of people accusing me of being racist: 
  Last night I was contacting someone, when out of no where a drunk dude started yelling at me.  He yelled a bunch of malarkey about him being black, and me having a problem with him because of that.   The guy I was contacting got pretty mad and was going to beat the drunk guy, but I stepped in between them and told the drunk man off.   I let him know that, in fact, I am not white, but I too happen to be black.  If you compare skin, I am, in fact, much darker than him (Not even close!!! This guy was way dark heehee) He looked, but it seemed like he couldn't find my arm.  And he asked if I was sure.  I let him know that there was no problem, and he was losing the person he was following (there was no one there).  He got worried and yelled after the imaginary person, and told me he had to go.   Oh man, I hope I am really as good at talking to others now as I hope I am, or am at least making myself out to seem!

Ok I hope I get some more good stuff together this week! I will try to have some sort of adventure!
Love Elder Legg 

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