Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Infection Strikes........
Then a medicine/allergic reaction.....
Ok so here it comes...
This week we did next to no work......
This week I had an IV..........
This week I spent 3 days in the hospital.............
This week I went blind! duh duh duhhhhhh................

Hehe ok so hopefully everyone is freaked out now.  My AP said, very harshly, not to let you guys know, or you all might ask me to come home!

So Sunday I started with a little sore on my forehead.

        Monday I had a small to medium sized bump on my forehead with some puss.

        Tuesday my eyes started to get some swelling in the way, and my nose got huge.  We had one of the older couple missionaries take us to the hospital.   We were seen by Doctor Kissi's wife.  She gave us some sweet drugs and we were on our way cool.  That night we had a little operation party in our room with Doctor Allen and Nurse Hoskins (probably a bad idea, and might have just made everything worse, but oh well it was way fun).

        Wednesday I wake up and AGH I'm blind!!!!!  My eyes were so swollen you couldn't even pry my eyelids open (now you may think you know, but you have no eyedea! You cant even comprehend, so I will attach pictures!)  And so we just decided, eh no problem, take my drugs, and we won't go out today. I'll just lay in bed.  Problem, we were supposed to go on exchanges with our zone leaders that day, but we told them would couldn't and they came anyways.  They were in for a wild surprise, so they just kind of did some stuff with the other guys in our apartment.  Then randomly the APs (assistants to the president, they are 2 missionaries assigned to help the president for a little while) show up.  One just gets shocked and seemed as though he was going to cry, and the other one acted like he pooped himself and just took charge.   We were ordered into the car so they could take us to the hospital. That was really difficult, because Elder Allen had to lead me around since I was blind!  We get there, and I get placed in a wheel chair, soo sweet....... until I got motion sick.  But everyone was freaking out except Doctor Kissi. He just told us they'd take care of it, and I'd have to stay for a while.  We got moved into a room so the nurses could get me an IV.

I'm kind of freaking out because needles are scary always!! And now I cant see anything!  Plus they were holding on to my arm for at least 10 minutes!  So I started getting kinda dizzy... "umm Elder Allen come hold my head."  Nurse asks if I'm in pain, and I say no.  Other nurse just gets this scared tone and asks if I'm going to vomit .  "No...well maybe... yeah... yes I'm going to vomit!   I'm going to vomit NOW....... bleeeeehhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"  Luckily they handed me a bag a split second before I up heaved my bread and egg with pepe all over everyone. (pepe-powder version of hot sauce). 

 So they were all saved. So they said that whole episode happened because of the medicine. But yes, I am man enough to admit I had a panic attack. I almost passed out too.  You know the feeling when you stand up too fast?  Get that feeling, but now be blind!!! Haha, oh no, I couldn't take it.

 Ghanaian Style IV

Then I was hooked to and IV and left to rot with some dude with malaria who I almost murdered!  Freak man! I can't see anything, and you think you can just snore like some sort of wild banshee!???
Heck no!!   That is not ok! When we first got into the room the bathroom was locked with no key, the front door wouldn't shut, the tv wouldn't even plug in, and the air conditioning wouldn't work! The doctor was appalled with his VIP Ward!

Ok, so you can get a little bit of perspective on how much pain I was in at the hospital I will tell you about the shots I got.  Since I had them all the time, they had me hooked to an IV.
You know the things that you use to measure/ squirt medicine into our mouths?? (a little medicine syringe) Yeah, it was literally one of those full of liquid that they were just forcing into my veins.  Ugh like every 3 hours they'd just mess my wrist up.  And It used to look like my arm was broken, because my wrist was at a funky angle and I couldn't move it back because it hurt too bad :) Don't worry it's just pretty discolored and kind of swollen now.

The VIP Patient

Good news Is Doctor Kissi's son, Dickson, found us and got us food and our real room.  So for three days I had to suffer in the VIP Ward with Elder Allen.  Our own tv, our own bathroom, 3 free meals a day, and air conditioning, it was brutal :)
But don't worry, I got let out on Friday.  Almost all the way cleared up and I am now doing much better!

On another note I am being transferred. I will be in the same zone, but about 45 minutes away in Kasoa with Elder Azalwa.
That's pretty much all I know, but I will know more next week so love you guys!
Elder Legg

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