Friday, December 13, 2013

The Super Missionary!

Things I haven't explained:
Kenkey is kind of like Banku, but you buy it wrapped in a leaf.  Even most Ghanaians don't like it, but if you're poor you buy it I guess. I haven't tried it, but I want to.
Yep, a whole fish in the fufu.

Ok, so there is a man in Nigeria who says he Jesus Christ reincarnated.  So he called 12 people in his church and told them that they are the 12 apostles reincarnated.  One of them, just so happens to be the pastor to the church next to ours, whom I contacted and brought through our open house. :)   He has been calling a couple different missionaries and inviting them to be baptized.  Elder Robertson said he would give me 200 Cedi, and he knows a guy that he could get me a pet monkey if I would go and get baptized. We say as missionaries all the time, that if you aren't baptized by proper authority then it is just like showering.  So I was really tempted, since he definitely doesn't have the priesthood.

I almost got in a fight with a a tailor for  ruining 3 of my companions trousers, and then he tried to get 70 Cedi for it!

2 chrochro (bus) drivers got in a fight for no reason.  But Ghanaians are terrible fighters, so it was way lame, until one picked up a monster rock and tried to smash the other guy.

When an old lady threatened me:  the lady was coming up behind me, and I was walking on the side of the road, so she slowed down and followed me for a ways.  I waved her past, since there was a break in the cars.  And she pulled over and cut me off.  And then she started yelling at me saying I was rude and I was a guest.   So then I finished her in Twi, and told her I lived here.  She just got mad, and drove off eventually.

Yeah its cool to have my own "guys":  water guy, computer guy, music guy, hair guy, I even got a soy sauce lady!  Totally working this place!

Yeah the hamatan is starting, so things are getting dry and hot and pretty soon we will be having dust in excess enough to block out the sun!   Everyone says its cold at home, and I wish it was cold here!  And now I miss my snow pants!

My district:

We went to the temple site with Brother Julius who was our super awesome investigator, until yesterday when he got BAPTIZED!!!!!   Yeah I have been having a party with that guy! 

We aren't earning any money here, so we don't pay tithing.  But every fast Sunday I pay 10 Cedi in fast offerings.  It's more than I need to, but I need some extra blessings!

Guess what!  We have mice living with us too!   We have had some mice in our apartment for a few days.  One tried to attack me in my room yesterday!    I kicked it with my bare foot when it jumped at me, and I almost threw up!   It took all the strength that Elder Thornhill, Elder Kanu, and I could muster, but we 3 missionaries went all kung fu with brooms.  After at least 20 minutes of screaming and trying to broom it to death we finally broke its back... and possibly my broom.   Yeah I had one of the new ones. Shhhh!  But we were finally able to vanquish its evil!  
Our Kitchen:

Ok so this week, I got sick again on Tuesday.  I slept from 3pm until 9am, which is what 17-18 hours straight? Yeah I spent a long time in bed and didn't eat or drink for those 2 days just slept, read, and prayed.  Actually Elder Kanu got sick at the same time, so I had to give him a blessing, which was cool and he healed up pretty fast! And I hurt my wrist really bad I don't know how, but it's hurt for about a week and a half and now. I have a really sore lumpy bruised thing at the base of my thumb on my palm.  It's not nice and everything is painful, especially bikes!

Oh well, working hard and getting sick, so is the life of..... The Super Missionary!
Yeah that's what I am calling myself now ;)

Love Elder Legg

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