Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Early Christmas Miracle.......Kanu Cares!

This week has been awesome!  So Elder Kanu opened up to me and decided to completely trust me and now we are way closer!  We have been partying this week and having tons of fun! So I guess things are pretty good with him and it makes me happy! So things are much nicer now. 

Man I cant believe we are all going out into the world now, things are totally getting crazy fast. I don't want to get left behind, but at least I am starting on to my own life, so I can grow up and take care of people!

Yeah our Thanksgiving wasn't really anything special here.  Other than we almost burned our house down when we tried to pop popcorn.  There was so much smoke and we couldn't breathe!   Can you believe that popcorn isn't supposed to cook for 15 minutes!   Who knew??  Stupid Elder Thornhill ;)  We didn't end up with the rabbit, apparently they sell them for like 50 Cedi.    I can just go kill myself a grass cutter for free, and it'd easily be the same size!  A grass cutter is kind of like a mix between a rat and a beaver.  At least that's what it reminds me of.  We didn't get a rabbit, but they made us some banku which was pretty good.

I have some sweet investigators that aren't very serious about the gospel.  But they feed us all the time, because they like to see the oh broney eat Ghanaian food.   Yeah, but too bad I live here, and the joke's on them!

Also I polish my shoes everyday as of late.  They always look sooo sweet after, so I love doing it!

2 foods I eat all the time, if i can, is Donuts which aren't really donuts.  But they are good with sugar.   And burkina which is basically a parfait you drink.  Without berries or fruit or anything, just yogurt and half soggy granola.  It's pretty awesome!
So I feel like I have terrible eating habits, because since I have gotten here I have eaten 2, 5kg bags of rice and 3 boxes of 40 packs of Endomie. Yeah then the last few days I haven't felt well so I haven't had more than one meal a day and not nearly as much as usual.  Oh well the work shall continue!

Also In Twi there is no word for good.  So during introductions here, all anyone ever says is "I'm fine."  And I hate it.  So whenever someone says etisen (how are you) most people say ayye (I am fine).  Instead when someone asks me etisen and I say boko (cool).  Haha that's  sweet right?

 Yeah people here are very dark because the sun is very very hot here! T he Nigerians are not even close to as dark. My companion is pretty dark now, and he even has a tan line from his watch that he wears everyday! 

Dude that isn't even a buzz cut though!  That was with a 4 guard on the trimmers! I am going to grow it out now, or a while and then get the sides shorter and keep the top long so it will look sweet!  Yeah it was dang short though.  It was shorter than I have ever had it before, I think.   Keep the CTR ring there. I don't want to try to keep track of it or anything while I am here, and it will get dirty and gross. My hands get disgusting every day.  Every like 30 minutes I can rub my hands together and have a ton of nastiness fall off. Thanks for taking care of the ornament Ty, I was worried about that.  And I might have just had to wipe my eyes here in the cafe. (Tyson put up Trav's special Precious Moments Baby's 1st Christmas ornament at the top/center of our tree, and wants Trav to do the same for him when he is gone)

Dude! I cleaned my room today too! I even moved some stuff around a little bit, which means I pushed my bed into the corner and shifted my laundry hamper.
It has been a few weeks without a baptism, but this Saturday we will baptize our investigator Julius.  He is like 23 and awesome!  He just absorbs everything we teach him.

Today I almost died during football, because Elder Uwadi kicked me in the throat when I headed a ball. It hurt so bad and I couldn't breath, but oh well I survived!   Football was good and I can see my improvement. I haven't been able to practice much, because of people crashing our complex, but oh well they are nice and they cook for us sometimes!

Ok I am not sure what all I have or haven't said, so I will recap a list of stuff that's happened and anything I haven't explained, tell me.
fufu, banku, kenkay
meeting a reincarnated apostle of Jesus Christ
learning Jesus Christ has come again and lives in Nigeria
being offered 200 cedi and a pet monkey to be baptised in another church
smelling terrible all of the time
always running out of laundry
finishing people who condemned the church
almost having to beat up a tailor 
watching 2 dudes almost kill each other for no reason
being threatened by an old lady in her car
getting an xbass
getting my own "guys":  water guy, computer guy, music guy, hair guy,

I have gotten a few of the packages so far And I love getting them!  I got the money in the pills. I think the taped packages were not messed with. I got Lance's package which was so awesome of him!  Gosh that was so sweet!  I am putting up his decorations today!

By the way mom, Ghana is one of the most peaceful countries around.  Honestly there is a higher chance of me mugging someone, than someone mugging me!

I am in Africa spending 2 years away from my family, so that other families can be together forever. I know I am doing the right thing, and I know I have a special purpose for being here.  There is a joy in this gospel that shows its truth in itself. 
I love you guys

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