Thursday, November 14, 2013

Naughty Goat = Smelly Scriptures

Another need is could you send me 2 just cheap cloth scripture cases. Yeah, So story time: my scriptures were on my bike bars and another missionary asked to check out my bike. So he sat on it for a while and I walked off. He balanced it in the gutter/sewer for a minute while he grabbed something and along comes a goat.  The goat knocks my bike and my scripture case right into the gutter/sewer.  We cleaned it off, but it still kind of smells.   I need some that I could just really wash when they get dirty. 
This week was the first week that seemed even remotely long honestly.  It was weird, but it wasn't bad. Elder Kanu since he doesn't know how to train just kind of expects me to do whatever he says and do tons of things for him.  This week I had to do all of our planning, all of our goals, all of our appointments, all of our teaching, all of our leading.  Saturday he made me do our area book, by myself while he played monopoly.  He made me do it because he knows he doesn't know how to.  It took like 2 hours to make it the way I liked, but oh well, If I try to just do it every night it won't take very long. Yeah, he's been trying to get out of work to watch football matches a lot lately and its been really frustrating.  The only one I let him watch was the Fifa under 17 World Cup Final between Nigeria and Mexico. Nigeria won 3-0. But I have been trying to push him and we have even ran to a few appointments so far, but I think the best way to push him is to just push myself and lead by example.
Oh also, so this place that you could maybe count as a mall, that I went to today, was crazy.  It was like being in the movie I am Legend. Except the infected people are all African shop owners.  Man it was a building that was just cement and obviously not finished, but there were tons of vendors inside and it was supa swick!
Yeah sheesh packages are expensive!  And I have no Idea how that kid has gotten so many!  I'ts really cool though because they have piled up by the time you get them, so he just had a huge box with about 8 or 9 smaller packages stuffed in it. Maybe I can get something this week since it's transfers and people will be seeing the office Elders. Oh yes, grape flavored drink mix would be another good thing to have too.  We can buy some drink mix here, but it just makes it possible to drink the funky flavored water :)
You have to barter the price here for the mail because they aren't a set price. The mail is messed up here.

OK so the guys name is Brother Kissi and he and his dad are doctors that own a hospital and are super rich. also he reminds me totally of Mr. Child! He's same height, same build, and bald its soo coool!  I wish we had soft hand towels. The bathrooms don't usually have those and a lot of the time your lucky to have t-roll.
 I had a bite of pork the other day too! It was hard to chew and not very flavorful, but it was better than chicken or goat or fish head ;)   Man I miss chocolate, like I can get some here, but it wont be as nice. I have bought a lot of chocolate chip cookies so far because it is 1 cedi for them.  They are kind of like much harder chips ahoy.
Probably 1/10th of the girls I meet are named Esther. the Esther that feeds us is Esther Tawir. 

Ok so this week has been hard to see people, because it seems like after we contact someone and come back for the return appointment they have all traveled to Accra! We taught this one sister this week who didn't seem very serious about seeing us, but we taught her and her 2 younger siblings and invited them to church. The sister was unsure, but her siblings were incredibly excited! We went to pick them a little early on the way to church yesterday and the kids were totally ready to go. Their mom tried to stop them, but once we talked to her she was fine with everything. Those kids really helped my testimony in knowing that no matter what the Holy Ghost will help you if you stay strong. The little boy is 10 years old and I asked him afterwards why he liked church. He said, "Because it is the house of the Lord."
 I know that this Gospel is true and I know that the harder I work the harder things will get, but the easier it will be. Mission is sweet but Neowsem kituah  (it's not easy).  Yeah you won't pronounce that right. I spell all of my Twi words kind of how they just sound.  Try this Knee-ow-sem kit-oo-wah 

Love Elder Legg

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