Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's All About Who You Know

 We only have one new guy coming and that's at like Dec. 23 or 17 or something.  I want to train, but for a couple months my chances are ridiculously slim.  But in like 6 months to a year, it is almost guaranteed that I will train, which is super cool. 

I am trying to use as little sub this week, so that I can have a lot on the 4th week.  If I only use 35 cedi a week then I'll have 75 cedi for the last week which would be so cool!  Then I would buy pork and a tub of Ice cream!  Or I would go to Shoprite and buy some nice home like stuff.

So far Elder Kanu has been a little nicer to me.  But I did get him a little grumps last week when he bothered me, so I bothered him back.  He calls me Elder Legg just like the entire rest of Africa. I have a job for you.  Everyone keeps asking me what Legg means can you try to find out the meaning and if it doesn't have one, then I need you to make up something special! Can you do that for me?  (this was to Gracie)

Yeah I have been singing lots of songs that I used to sing with you because it makes me feel happy! Hey I bear my testimony every day! :) the best thing about a testimony is it doesn't have to be long or smart it just has to be a few Things that you know to be true. I know that I am here for a specific reason. I know that God is putting people into my life to shape me and prepare me. I know that God hears my prayers. I know that I am never alone. (this was to Tali)

When you serve you sacrifice, and when you sacrifice you give up something that you need in order to help someone else.  We are giving up time, which is one of our most limited resources, and we are becoming tools in the Lords hands!

Yeah my knees and ankles have been feeling pretty fine, and I only have to wear my braces sometimes. But they get stronger the more I work so things are ok! And every missionary in the mission has a bike. We have had them in our extra room the whole time, but we just recently got them all fixed and started using them. I personally hate using bikes. I would rather run to appointments than to bike.  And the bike gets me so dirty, and I don't know why!  Yes, we have run to appointments a couple of times.

Gosh so I study so much. I am currently reading the Book of Mormon with a Book of Mormon student manual and marking it up, so I'm doing that with a brand new Book of Mormon.  Also I am trying to go through my Missionary hand book 3 times. I read in it every day with Elder Kanu, so total I've read it 4 times.  But I have only gone all the way through with blue pen. now I am using black and next I will use red! I have a picture book of the stories in the New Testament that I keep reading through also. I have 6 pamphlets that I have been reading through and turning into my own lesson plans.  And that's just during my minimal free time!

So for food then, I can buy a 5kg bag of rice for 14 cedi.  Is that good?  Because that seems like a thing that will last me the most. I bought it on Thursday and I still have maybe 1kg left.  Yeah I have blown through it and I only have mayonnaise to put on it.   Which is probably horrible for my body, but man it is sooo good! I should be getting some soy sauce this week from my fried rice lady.  It's all about who you know.   Big bottle from her: 3.50.  Bottle half that size from the rubbish store owner down the street: 30.  Oh yeah!

This week it was stake conference.  Saturday and Sunday we had to ride a chrochro to Kasoa, which is about an hour ride.  But Elder Vincent talked and he is soo good.  He is our Area Authority and he is from Australia. He kind of reminds me of Wormtail from Harry Potter, but he is insanely smart!   Did you know the story of the Good Samaritan is actually a type and shadow of the fall and atonement!  Go figure!

We had transfers this week, so Elder Robertson and Elder Schmeltzer have gone out. Elder Thornhill and Elder Kagoza have taken their places. Elder Thornhill is from Arizona and he is here to work.  He is a pretty dang good missionary.  Elder Kagoza is from Zimbabwe and he is pretty cool.  He doesn't like the Zone Leaders, which I find so funny!

Ok so here is a scripture thought for all.  And all can try to ponder on why I chose this scripture! I don't think any of you have read this before. Ok so in the Bible in the Deuterocanonical Books.
Bel and the Dragon 1:27
So Daniel took some tar, some fat, and some hair and boiled them all together. He made cakes out of the mixture and fed them to the dragon, when the dragon ate them it swelled up and burst open. "That's the kind of thing you Babylonians Worship," Said Daniel.
Just some food for thought  :)

Oh and also our land lady died yesterday!  It was weird, random, and sudden.  Now there are a ton of people in our compound.  And it's been freaking me out!   But they are cooking lots, so we get a bunch of free food.  Everyone goes at some point... right?
Love Elder Legg 

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